Thursday, March 7, 2013

I'd Like to Get My Hopes Up

(Ramirez, of course)
So Fidel's Dumber Brother has bit the big one.  I'm hoping that the people of Venezuela can get out of the long dark nightmare of the last several years, but I'm betting it doesn't happen.  Everyone knew Pugsley was on borrowed time and planned for this, so they have a chosen successor.  In a cult of personality, once the object of the love goes, chaos can follow.  Plus, I hear that Cuba is keeping its options open about intervening in whatever way they can.  The citizens are likely out of the question. 

Of course, if they really want a socialist dictator, God knows they can have ours.


  1. They'll have more socialism. Everybody does.

    Individualists are outliers.

  2. PLEASE take ours!

    I'll even start a collection to get the commie-in-chief's air fare paid for!