Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Enemy Attacks in Florida

Mayor Bloomberg's shock troops, the group of lawyers and agitators that have invaded and occupied Colorado, have opened a front and begun the attack in Florida.

H/T and kudos to Miguel at Gunfree Zone, first the Assault Weapons Ban, SB1670.  At first glance, it looks like the New York bill (what a surprise!) with a single feature test, but a 10 round magazine limit (Colorado is currently at 15, New York at 8).  It also outlaws any semiautomatic shotgun that can easily accommodate more than five rounds.  No mention of revolvers at all.  Full text of the bill here in html.  It considers semiautomatic pistols as assault weapons if the magazine is not in the hand grip, making things like your 1896 "Broom Handle" Mauser an assault weapon.  

The second bill is somewhat odder.  I haven't specifically heard about this approach being used elsewhere but SB1678 requires a current certificate from a state approved anger management class to buy ammunition - a cert that must be renewed!  Unfortunately, that's a 15 line add-on in 60 lines of law.  It also replaces the word "handgun" with "firearm" in state law 790.065.  Full text here in html.  The practical result of this is that the 3 day waiting period that used to apply to handguns applies now to all firearms.  No more dropping by the local Bass Pro or Walmart, and walking out with a shotgun or rifle without a waiting period - although they keep the exemption for those who hold a valid concealed carry permit.

Let's get to it Florida gun bloggers, the enemy is inside the gates.  Time to start hassling our representatives, and maybe governor Scott or attorney general Bondi, although I don't really see what she can legally do.  Forward this information to all your friends.  If anyone says they don't care because they don't own a black rifle, smack them up side the head (open hands only!) and have them read the anger management law.  Make sure they know the "bell tolls for thee", too.  They're next. 



  1. It says that you cannot possess a magazine holding 10 rounds, and you have until December 1 to turn in your guns and magazines.

    Molon labe.

  2. I can't imagine it passing. I don't think Scott would ever sign it either. But let's let them know this is not acceptable anyways. I'll will reblog this..

  3. I thought bloomberg was mayor of New York, what is he doingb visiting the population that drifts south every winter. Masses of newyorkers in FL do not give rise to the need for New York style people control laws, next thing you know they will be requiring shoes and a shirt in resturants and you will have total anarchy.

  4. I no longer live in Florida, but it doesn't matter - this crap will be coming to all of us, no matter where we live. Places like Florida are in particular danger because so many "new Floridians" are from "up north" where these sort of rights restrictions were considered normal.

    There comes a point at which it's time to cease being all smiley-faced and polite; we're not there yet, but I can see it from here.

  5. So let me get this straight. The courts have just ruled that welfare recipients cannot be tested for drugs but now Florida will require that in order to enjoy our civil rights we must take an anger management class!! Boy that pisses me off.

    1. Does it make you "angry"? Once you take an "anger management" class, they'll use that someday declare you mentally unstable.

  6. Now, imagine all those from NJ/NY currently basking in FL.

    Howdoya think they'll view this?