My AR-15 From an 80% Lower

This page is set up as place to collect everything I've written while building my AR-15 from an 80% lower from Colfax tactical.

Part 1. A New Project Underway

Part 2. The New Project Continues

Part 2. Ready for Assembly

Part 3. BATFE is at it again (a minor explanation - not very important)

Part 4. Project Complete

Part 5. Some Final Notes on the Colfax Tactical AR Project

Here's a view of the finished AR - (well, without the new Nikon Monarch)

and a close up of the logo as it came off the engraving step on my mill

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ar lower manufacturers said...

I like AR-15 because AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon that uses gas from a fired round of ammunition to cause the bolt and carrier assembly to extract and eject the casing of the fired round. I was looking for ar lower manufacturers. Please suggest me the best ar lower manufacturers.

Graybeard said...

I'm afraid I can't do that - I simply don't know. This series of articles was how I built my own lower receiver, and complete AR.


After 40+ years of AR-15 (Colt sp-1, Homebuilds) ownership and many homemade expediant fixtures, its time to buy a decent rifle vise/fixture. I see one in your photo......what make is it, and would you buy the same one again?
I am not sure how I ended up at this blog, maybe from Western Rifle Shooters. As a fellow Floridian, Its nice to see Gun blogs from the homestate.

Regards from a 3 percent'r

Graybeard said...

Jaque - I assume you mean the gray thing visible in the top photo?

That's the Tipton Gun Vise. Very handy for working on rifles, especially. Also handy with pistols. Shop around - that price (today - 3/2/12) is full list.

Thanks for stopping by. I have a separate list of Florida Gun Blogs, so if you have one, drop the title.

Bucky said...

Nice gun. Makes me think about building my own. I wonder if I could if I live in "Ban This Ban That California".

Graybeard said...

Hmmm. I know there are California legal AR-15s, so I don't see why not. Colfax Tactical, where I bought my lower, included info on those things, but since I don't need to know it, I didn't read it.

Anonymous said...


Graybeard said...

I believe only a licensed firearm manufacturer could do that. You might try asking one of the companies that makes 80% lowers, but since their emphasis is on "do it yourself", I would guess the answer is "no".

gpatte said...

Great looking piece of hardware, Bought a couple of 80% lowers and a jig from and an in the course of finishing them now, great articles, thanks.