Friday, August 22, 2014

Why So Many?

According to New York Times/CBS News poll, 10% of Americans think Obama has improved race relations.  10%?  Why so many?
The poll found 17 percent of blacks and 8 percent of whites believe race relations have improved under Obama.
The poll was specifically about the Ferguson, MO situation and Michael Brown shooting, but did ask this generic question as well as the general view of police relations.  The times reports 1,025 people were polled by telephone and subclassified in all sorts of ways.  Average margin of error was 4 points.

I can understand that only the most virulently racist would think things are better than before, but I think 17% is quite a bit more of the black population than the New Black Panther Party and their ilk represent.  It's hard to figure the 8% of whites; they must be the most intensely self-hating liberals. 

Personally, I think Chris Muir nails it here in DBD:
Get rid of those guys and things will definitely get better.


  1. It saddens me that so many blacks believe there is racism and it is the reason that so many blacks are poor/unemployed/etc. You cannot change their minds on this because it is what they hear this from their "leaders", friends and the media. Poor whites simply don't have that excuse and therefore are left to workhard and pull themselves out of poverty. True many choose not to or have no clue how to but in fact most do. If blacks didn't have the ready made excuse why they are being "held back" they too would be forced to work harder to succeed and most would. But until and unless welfare is cut way back or eliminated I see no hope for this ever happening. It's just too easy to blame someone else for your problems and take the handout.

  2. Roughly ten percent of those polled also think that the moon landings were faked and that 9/11 was an inside job. Just remember that and suddenly the number of people who think that Obama is doing good things for race relations kinda pales..except for the fact that they're allowed to vote and raise kids, of course.

  3. Call me a cynic, but I also wonder if all of those 8% were actually white.

    Although there probably are more than enough progressives who are that "sh*thouse crazy" that they believe it. Maybe the same ones who think Israeli men, women, and children deserve to be killed by the Hamas missiles coming from Gaza - land the Israelis gave them in exchange for "Peace".

  4. A bunch of good points there. I think only the "batsh*t" crazies think Bamster has made anything, least of all race relations, better. I suppose if your living consists of sucking on the government's schwanz, life is better for you, but they're about the only folks who would think so.