Friday, June 9, 2023

How Many Days for the "I'm So Special" People?

In one of those great moments of "coincidence", yesterday on the Glenn Beck program, the sit-in hosts, Stu and Pat while Glenn's out for two weeks (regular listeners know these guys) did almost two complete program hours of air time to one of those questions that no one ever asks.  If the (plain, old, ordinary) gay people get a Pride Month, how many days do the LGBTQIA+ (I think that's it) get? How many days, in total, do we commemorate (celebrate?) these people who seem to equate their entire identity with sexuality? 

Either someone was listening and copied it down or someone else found it independently.  This version appeared on The Feral Irishman this morning (#15).

Naturally, I had to get a spreadsheet involved, so I imported this graphic and wrote the number of days next to every line.  For things like that first one, February 19 to 26 for "Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week" I count that as what my fellow anal-retentive, math-heads call "inclusive."  That's 7 days inclusive.  If you say "26 - 19 = 7" you see it that way. 

Add it all up and it's 158 days.  That's 43% of the year devoted to the special people. 


  1. Eventually it will be 100%...

  2. This world is going to Hell, or if you're a Calvinist, it already has been and is Hell (on this Earth.)

    I think I'll go look up instructions for a flammenwerfer...

    1. Back to Theology 101 for you.

      Stefan v.

  3. Oh, they're special, all right. Ed....

    ALL 365.25 days of the year I celebrate Normal White Male day.
    But I don't push it on anybody...

    1. Yep, that's the argument. All us normal folks get, and have gotten, centuries of "privilege" (like the WV coal miners, donthca know), so all this is just sauce for the gander. The reverse pushback is going to be epic, when it comes.

  4. And no day for the NAMBLA pedos? Get ready to expand that spreadsheet.

  5. Color me shocked. Not.

    I celebrate "Nobody Gives a F*** Who You F*** Day" 365 days a year.
    Anybody who takes offense at that should be rewarded with an impromptu celebration of "Into The Morbark Wood Chipper With You Freaks Day". Which should also come around 365 days a year.

    And sooner or later, it's going to.