Wednesday, September 6, 2017

If Only They'd Promise to Shut Up

Courtesy of a link on Watts Up With That, we learn that experts at the World Economic Forum say we have three years left to save the planet from the worst damages of climate change.  Now why experts at an Economic forum should know anything about climate change is another question entirely.

If only they'd promise to shut up in three years, it would be worth whatever mythical disaster would happen from not doing anything.  The thing is, they'll never shut up.  After 3 years we'd get them saying, "see I told you so" for the next hundred years.
The rest of the article is bullshit, full of predictable demands that wealth be transferred to "Holy Green" industries, green causes, and other connected people making it hard not to think the three year number is bullshit, too. 
A planet devastated by climate change may seem like a distant future. But Earth is already experiencing effects today.

Globally, the mean rate of sea level rise increased 50% in the last two decades. In 2017, temperatures have already reached their highest levels in history in some areas, from California to Vietnam. And the past three years were the hottest on record.
The problem is that every single one of those points has been contradicted by other studies.  It's not the clear cut picture they portray.  The acceleration of sea level rise has been disputed or disproven, and the other points are covered by the most important contradiction: the study that showed when temperature adjustments are removed, nearly all warming goes away.  Actually, that's only one such study.  There have been others.  If the temperature record can't be trusted how do we know if California and Vietnam have really had their hottest temperatures?  Prince Charles updated his 2009 claim that “we have 100 months to save the world” after about 72 of those 100 months saying in 2015 that the deadline is 35 years out.  I'd say they should get their stories together, but inconsistency seems to be pretty common in the alarmist's world.

It can't get wetter and have a centuries long drought at the same time.  Pick one.  


  1. You can have a centuries long drought that turns the planet into Dune (complete with massive sand worms) and have a water world all at the same time if you're progressive enough.

    And no, they'll never shut up.

  2. Since these are supposedly economists making these statements, it seems obvious they are trying to be deceptive. Not being strangers to math, a "50% increase in the rate" means bupkus if the rate of increase was 1/4 per year. Or even one inch per year. So now the rate would be - "gasp" - 1.5 inches of increase in the last twenty years (I'm guessing their propagandist believes "two decades" wouldn't seem like such a long time to a casual reader, as opposed to twenty years).

    I haven't paid attention to what the true - non-IPCC faked - number for the rate of increase is, but I'm sure it wouldn't be sensational, or they would state that number instead of "50% increase". If Roseanne Barr or Nancy Pelosi were making these statements, I'd be slightly more inclined to believe it (NOT) than these economists who probably are simply working on their own get-rich scheme different from the lies of Gore's carbon credits scheme.

    When a real expert like Sean Penn tells me to be worried, then I'll start shaking in my boots.


      11 inches rise per 100 years according to measurements by NOAA. Rate of increase constant since data collection started in year 1856.

      Direct link click "New York", then click "The Battery".

      Funny, where's the hockey stick which could be said to be caused by humans burning more fossil fuels? I suspect we know approximately zip about how climate works.

    2. Dr. Spencer has a good graphic up on his page, back from his book launch a few weeks ago showing it graphically

      In the gross, overall sense, sea levels have been rising since the end of the last ice age, as they do after the end of every ice age. If sea levels were not rising, that could well be a Very Bad Thing - or the sign of one coming.

      I suspect we know approximately zip about how climate works. IMO, that's the worst part of this whole "big science/government complex" thing. There really are good climate scientists trying to understand the climate, but they're getting shouted down and wiped out by the ones pushing the agenda. We just don't hear them. Someone like Dr. Judith Curry, who is a "warmist" but doesn't like most of what's passing for current science is a good example. Hounded out of her university job for not just accepting orthodoxy.

      I heard an interesting rumor, though, about the predictions for hurricanes getting bigger, stronger, more frequent, etc. Dr. Chris Landsea of the NHC told the IPCC that he was going sue them all if they associated his name with that bullshit and the IPCC backed down.

  3. Everything you need to know about "climate change" is contained in the late Michael Crichton's wonderful 2003 Michelin Lecture at Cal Tech: "Aliens Cause Global Warming".

    (Google it, or go to my site, where I reposted the whole thing.

    It should be a required lecture in a basic science intro class for anyone in college.

    "Whenever you hear the consensus of scientists agrees on something or other, reach for your wallet, because you're being had.
    There's no such thing as consensus science. If it's consensus, it isn't science. If it's science, it isn't consensus.

    1. Thanks, Aesop. That's one of my favorite talks ever. Gang, if you haven't seen this, go read!

      Also, if you like good thriller novels, read Crichton's "State of Fear" since it's largely about the topic of Eco-terrorists and the climate hustle.

  4. I have heard REPEATEDLY over the past two decades that have " just a few years" to save the planet.....and it ALWAYS involves taking money from those who can and do. "Climate change/Global Warming" is nothing but a grifters scheme, the largest con game in the history of humanity. It has NOTHING to do with climate and EVERYTHING to do with state sanctioned theft of TRILLIONS of dollars. Money stolen from productive society and given to turd world hell holes......with criminals like Al The shithead Gore stealing VAST QUANTITIES of that money for personal enrichment. It's noifferendt than the Billions of dollars of "foreign aid" the US funnels to turd world hell holes.....where virtually ALL the money ends up in the pockets of the handful of criminals in charge.