Saturday, September 30, 2017

End of September

It's September 30th, or as we call it around here: August 61st.  The end of September with only one sign that it's not August: the sunset getting earlier every night while sunrise gets a little later every morning.  To be honest, it's not quite August.  Yeah, it has been in the 90s if it's not raining, but over 90 doesn't ordinarily last as long as the high temperatures in August.  Accuweather's long range forecast guesstimate doesn't really predict a overnight low under 70 until Halloween Weekend, but nobody should trust a forecast that far out.  They do show some highs in the low 80s in just two weeks, which is marginally more believable. 

And we're ending the month much as it began, under what the Hurricane Center calls "Invest 99".  (For those who aren't familiar, an "Invest" is an area of investigation, the first stage in the sequence of development of a hurricane: Invest - Tropical Depression - Tropical Storm - Hurricane).  That only means a few more storms and a bit more wind than usual.
Tonight's weather shows the center over NE Florida, with a predicted 20% chance of developing through the next five days.  That area over the Caribbean is given a 0% chance of developing over the next five days. 

 Just think; it's just under 8 weeks from last Thursday will be Thanksgiving. 


  1. I like Thanksgiving.

    I don't have to buy everyone gifts that end up as landfill.

  2. Philly does have seasons and this morning we awoke to 50F and low humidity.

    While that seems nice to those living in Crematoria it also means things like thinking about prepping the snow removal machinery, and putting the summer clothing in the cedar closet.

    And if you think children look forward to a snow day, marriage to a school teacher has taught me that the staff look forward to a snow day with anticipation that may be several orders of magnitude more than the children's anticipation.

  3. Dang rain ! I need to finish patching up the shed roof that had like twenty holes punched through with pieces of oak tree missiles. One was six inches by like five foot. Missed my riding mower by inches !

    I'm an avid archer and spent last week out near Holopaw, chasing deer. Sure was wet out there ! Bullcreek WMA is pretty much all one big lake right now...

    1. That area has been under "Flood Warning" on the NWS website since the storm.

      But the question is: did you do any good?

    2. That flood warning is due to corruption and incompetence by the St. Johns River Water Management District. They bought the land from Deseret Ranch and developed Taylor Creek Reservoir allegedly as flood control to prevent flooding on the river as happened at Lake Harney a number of years ago. Unfortunately, they have chosen to NOT operate it as "flood control", but instead are using it as a semi-private recreation area and as water storage to accommodate their builder buddies who want to develop in Central Florida. As a result, they keep the reservoir level very high. When Irma came in, instead of closing their spillway to keep Taylor Creek watershed flow from going into the St. Johns River, they instead had to open that spillway all the way to keep the water from overtopping the levee that contains the reservoir. As a result, everywhere downstream of Lake Washington is experiencing FAR MORE SERIOUS flooding than would have been the case if that reservoir was never built. But the builders own the right politicians, and the Media is happy to fellate them, so everyone pretends this is a natural disaster instead of one man-made by evil bureaucrats.

      The Swamp is not only in the District of Corruption. Its tentacles extend into almost every government across this entire country.

    3. I'm wondering if maybe they aren't using the dike at Bullcreek for a bit of flood control. I've never seen the water this high.

      As for your comment Sig, nope only saw one does and two skunks lol. The skunks were within range, but... The doe wasn't lol.
      Laid back this week, with all the rain.
      Perhaps go again next week ?