Sunday, May 9, 2010

Not Dead Yet

Make not doubt about it - seriously bad times are coming.  These will be the new times to try men's souls.  The financial collapse of Greece will proceed; whether they collapse this week or next year matters not a whit - it simply affects the amount of time folks like us have to prepare and become more resilient; more self-sustaining.   After Greece, the EU might well collapse as an economic body.  The collapse of the dollar is absolutely a real possibility.  As Denninger said (my previous post),

There's a lesson in here in that the Greek deficit as a percentage of GDP is just over 10%. 
So is ours.
So is Britain's.
So is Spain's.
The destruction they are witnessing "over there" will come here eventually. 
 There is an essential difference between the US and EU, though.  Mark Steyn points it out at around 31 minutes into this video. 

Iceland, Greece and the EU formed movements to scream at Government, "Why didn't you do more for us?  How come you didn't protect us?"  Only in America was an entire political movement started to scream at Government, "Why don't you do less for us?  Why don't you get the hell out of our pockets?  Why don't you keep out of our lives, Big Government, and we'll do just fine".  That movement, of course, gave rise to the Tea Party, the 9-12 Project, the We Surround Them groups and more.

As long as real Americans think this way, we're not dead, yet. 

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