Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The President Should Be Issuing Orders to Control Himself

According to a Gallup Poll quoted by, Americans are much more concerned about or afraid of the government than they are of guns.  Government/Congress/Politicians rates #1, while guns are down at #19.  Obama and Hillary have the problem that the people they're pitching to are too smart for the pitch they're making.  The people see the politicians as the problem.
Gallup reports that concern about gun control went as high as 7% (middle column) once or twice during the year.  I will make the assumption that the surges in gun sales, as measured by things like the NICS checks showing the biggest December on record,  says the concern most Americans have about guns is that they don't have one or don't have enough!  In general, the concern stayed near the 2% average in the first column.  You'll note that's about the same percent of peole who think our biggest problem is "lack of respect for each other" or the environment/pollution.  I assume that means "climate change".

Sounds like the ticket to getting elected is to promise to cut government.

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  1. If you like your gun you can keep your gun! Hmmmm Sounds familiar.