Thursday, April 29, 2010

Puerto Rican Statehood

Have you heard the buzz about HR2499?  It's apparently true.  Time to annoy my representative again! 

The bill is being touted as a "non-binding resolution" (known in the private sector as "a waste of time and money") that says nice things about self-determination and other glorious concepts. 

But it's not.  In typical political fashion, it's a trick to railroad Puerto Rico into becoming the 51st state.  Go read the article.

Now if the people of PR wanted to become a state, I'd be delighted to welcome them into the Union.  The only thing is that they have voted many times and statehood is always voted down.  Last time was just a few years ago - late 90s if I recall.  This is a trick being run by a progressive party in PR and democratic nut-jobs in power to get PR statehood.  Why?  Apparently to ride the gravy train of Federal Benefits, and to add more progressive senators/congress critters. 

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