Monday, June 12, 2017

Pakistan Sentences Man to Death Over Facebook Posts

In overview, it's not surprising, but a Pakistani court has sentenced a man to death over a post on Facebook.  It's believed to be the first such incident involving social media in the world.
The details about Taimoor Raza's posts aren't known, but the Guardian reports that he got into an online debate about Islam last year with a man who was actually an undercover counter-terrorism agent.

"An anti-terrorism court of Bahawalpur has awarded him the death sentence," says a public prosecutor. Raza, who belongs to the nation's Shia minority, will be able to appeal his verdict to the nation's Supreme Court.
A perfect example of why states shouldn't be involved in religion, blasphemy laws are common in Pakistan and other muslim states.  Other men are on death row in Pakistan over blasphemy, but Raza is the first there because of online statements.  The problem, as some human rights organizations have said, is that it opens up the possibility of people being framed. It's easier to fake a post than fake something that requires credible witnesses.
Of course, we've all seen these signs before.  Source.

Something to remember as sharia laws creep into America and the anti sharia law protests last weekend


  1. I may need to buy more ammo. I've insulted the Prophet of Islam and have drawn pictures of him and they may be coming for me as I type.

    1. Back in the early days of this blog, I posted a joke picture from the UK. It showed a woman in black burka and one child in the same. In the background there were two black garbage bags and the (lame) joke was saying something like "I told her she had three lovely children".

      A couple of years after posting that, I got a comment about how horrible a person I was. No outright threat, but nobody with any sense actually publishes a threat.

      It took me at least a half hour to find the post, but I didn't publish the comment.

  2. In England and half of Europe you could go to jail for saying/posting this. Sharia law exists the argument today is simply how much will we allow to exist. Because the left finds it useful to use the confusion that they throw up around the entire issue of Islam/terrorism it will get worse. There is no other possible outcome other than WW III against Islamic countries. Understand that Islam is a political/cultural system disguised as a religion. So the question is will we fight that war here in our country or over there in their countries. Islam is intending to fight here and we, especially the useful idiots, are working overtime to assist them in this goal. Because of the stupidity of the right/conservatives/Republicans and the moral/criminal duplicity of the left we will soon have to fight for our lives and our very existence. This does not have to happen, at least it does not have to happen in this way. Deport all Muslims back to Muslim countries and send all future Muslim refugees/immigrants to Muslim countries. If there must be war, and there will be, let it be fought from 20,000 feet over their country and not here in our malls and streets.

  3. The police, legislators, judges, mainstream media, and voters who obey these laws and pay taxes to hire government employees to do this persecution are mostly Christians. The percentage of Muslims is small and militarily negligible. This is a war of middle class Christians against themselves, Islam has nothing to do with it.

    The actual purpose of the Christians who support Sharia is the same as in the recent Oleg Volk piece analyzing gun control. It's about control and nothing else.