Sunday, May 12, 2024

Happy Mother's Day

I bet I'm the last person to put up a mother's day post. Most of you will see this Monday - or late Sunday night at best.  

In this time of incessant attacks on the family structure; this time of abandoning the idea of motherhood and calling mothers "birthing persons," simple truths like this meme are a refreshing shelter. 

 I keep waiting for someone to try telling me "men can have babies, too" so I can say "name one."  "How did they do that?  Did they get a full uterus transplant?  Did they get ovary transplants, too, so it was their egg, or did they have an already fertilized egg implanted in their implanted uterus?"  Did they have birth canal created or transplanted in?  Sure wouldn't want to pass a baby through a penis.  It's a medical miracle.

Mother's Day and Father's Day both tend to be kind of low key around here as both of us lost our parents quite some time ago.  My mom passed around the first of December in 2013, so around 10-1/2 years ago and she was the most recent of the four.  My dad passed away in 1982, or 31 years before mom.  My mother-in-law was ahead of my mother, passing on in '99, while my father-in-law passed away after my father, but around 10 years ahead of his wife.    

All of my best to all you moms who drop by and read here.  If you still have your mom, I hope you at least called her.




  1. My mom passed when I was 16, so I have barely called this a holiday.

  2. I'm the eldest woman in both my husband's and my family. That makes me The Matriarch.
    At first, I thought that was kind of depressing, but now, I'm leaning into the role.
    For my next birthday, I want a Crown. I want to wear it when dispensing all that important information I've learned over my lifetime.