Sunday, May 26, 2024

Memorial Day 2024

These days I tend to wonder how many more of any holiday that our republic will survive to see, but this one is the hardest to come to grips with. Memorial Day is the day to honor those who fell fighting to preserve the republic and if Memorial Day falls, that's dishonoring every one of them. Every one of them gave themselves, their lives, their futures, for something bigger than themselves.

It's not just "the greatest generation" that saved the west in the all out war of WWII; it's all of them, from those we know of fighting in the first battles of the Revolution on April 19, 1775, (commemorated as Patriots' Day but some states shift the date to get a Monday Holiday) to those who were lost in Bumbling Biden's disastrous abandonment of Afghanistan, and those lost since then. We include losses from training accidents as well as actual enemy action.

For most people, Memorial Day is the semi-official Start of Summer, and it's a rare year indeed that it doesn't feel fully like summer by Memorial Day around here. The day tends to be marked by barbecues, trips out on the boat, or other outdoors activities. Let me join the chorus of folks saying that while you're enjoying your day, take a moment to remember or think of and thank those who gave their all in service to us. The ones who don't get to mark the holiday with us.

I say that in the belief that those who made that sacrifice wouldn't hold it against us to have a little fun on their day. 

Credit to Al Goodwyn at Creators Syndicate


  1. Dad was called home on Memorial Day 2011. So my thoughts are of him and his buddies and the great people I met because of him.

    Career Marine, highly decorated combat vet, a leader of men on all fields of life. Through him I was exposed to many seriously great men.
    Burned, scarred, sliced and diced they may be, but the kindest in sharing true affection for others, their wisdom, understanding, and their adventures.

    Such men continue to exist. Molded by hardship and adversity, refined by fire. To become great. For us to ever cherish.

  2. Tonight I watched the movie, Ike; Count Down To D Day. The movie is strong and compelling, capturing the immense gravity of that time. I reckon this one will be as remembered as much as Band Of Brothers.

    Not that my heart breaks but that of Christ Jesus. O

  3. They fought for us and their comrades, and would (I believe) have joined in the barbeque.

  4. RIP, all those I knew and gave The Last Full Measure of Devotion. I shall see you soon and we can get together and talk of Better Times. For now, I *will* remember y'all this Day.