Sunday, August 8, 2010

Meet The Zoo

A couple of months ago, I noted losing our cat to a long term illness.  It was a sad time, and many folks left warm comments.  Allow me to introduce the new extended clan.

It was plainly too quiet in the house, so a few weeks later we were drawn to the local pet rescue center, and after meeting her briefly, brought home Aurora.  Aurora, known most of the time as "Roar-ah", is 3 years old, and apparently a mix of Lynx-point and Lilac point Siamese. She is blue-eyed, with a fairly thick coat. 

She is playful and very interactive.  She's gradually warming to being held and petted, which seems like a new thing to her.  She originally had, and is still getting over, a tendency to cringe when you go to pet her.  I think she must have been abused to some amount.  There is a special place in Hell for someone who would abuse a small cat.  Someplace where they get a face full of 00buck every few seconds for eternity. 

The next week, we met Mojo.  We had originally gone to meet another cat, but somehow, Mojo got into my head and I knew we had to take him home instead.  Meet Mojo.
Mojo is his given name, but we mostly just call him Moe.  Or Moe-man.  Or Moe-cephus, Moe-regard, Moe-ritius... you get the point.  Moe has an outrageous personality and is just a lot of fun.  He's the kind of cat who has to check out everything.  He opens cabinets, opens drawers, and hates closed doors.  Today, I found him on top of the tallest piece of furniture in the house, with a satisfied look on his face. He is not really fond of being carried or held, but has crawled all over us and licked us like a puppy.  Moe is also 3 years old.  And, yes, he is pure white with lots of pink skin showing, and golden-eyes. 
Moe's favorite place to sleep - on Mrs. Graybeard's pillow.  Or her head.

I'd like to say that they get along perfectly, but there is some jealousy - mostly on Moe's part.  I think the basic problem is he was a single cat in a home with a family (which he lost), while she was in multi-cat household.  He is just not used to sharing attention with anyone.  He will be sleeping quietly, then have to get up and go swat Roar-a.  I have seen her swat him, but not lately.  They have a tendency to alternate sleep periods, which helps.

So that's the latest in Castle Graybeard (a reference for those in the age groups that remember Castle Grayskull - as viewer or parent of viewer).  Never a dull moment. 


  1. They do tend to grow on ya, don't they?


  2. Yes, they do.

    I think the maximum safe dosage on cats is three. After that, you become like the cat lady in the Simpsons.