Monday, August 2, 2010

The Left is Like A Fungus

It just never quits looking for a place to push in and grow.  Sort of like chronic jock itch.  It's why they've successfully marched through the institutions and now dominate education, the media and so many other aspects of life.

Boston Latin is regarded as one of the finest secondary schools in the US.  The founding of this school dates back to 1635, just one year before Harvard.  Founding fathers such as Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, and John Hancock attended.  

Today the "Youth Climate Action Network" wants to destroy it in the name of making it an "Avant Garde Sustainability Curriculum".  Go read. and hat tip to the Gormogons.  
The mentality these students have already learned is that when you are in the planet-saving business, you pay for your schemes with someone else's money, just as the Obama administration pays for its current spending sprees. Just as all government pays for anything.  "Unfazed by the hefty price tag." Indeed.
"If the only goal were reducing energy costs, it might make the most sense to cover the roof with solar panels." In other words, if you need to reduce energy costs, the solution is to install the world's most expensive, least efficient energy source in a northern city with limited sunshine. 
I know I'm not the first person to say this, but isn't your first responsibility as a teacher of physics or chemistry to actually teach physics or chemistry?  Isn't this like teaching a second or third level class without teaching the fundamentals?  Maybe you teachers are bored and want to make your job seem more "relevant", so let me offer some advice from an old guy who sometimes finds work boring: quit your job and get another one; don't destroy the students' little skulls full of mush!

After attending Boston Latin, you'll be able to join the other useless, smug hippies

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