Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Made of Win

I'm a home-shop machinist, and one of the things many machinists make are metal 3D puzzles called burr puzzles.  Lots of guys make them.  Typically brass bronze and aluminum, I have seen them made with precious metals. 

This one's different, though, from Gizmodo:
It has a gun, a single shot, muzzle loaded 45, buried inside that design.  Watch the video.  Full screen. 

It's by one of the masters of this are, GarE Maxton.  His web page is worth a visit. 


  1. As you can imagine, that was a big hit at Roseholme Cottage. :)

  2. To borrow a line from my Mama, "what's not to like"? :D

    Seriously - Mr. Maxton isn't shy about asking big prices for his art, but I notice he doesn't have any pricing for this one at all. It is a thing of beauty, though, isn't it?