Tuesday, March 19, 2013

In the Emails Today

Because my muse must be off doing her hair or something, a picture from an email today.  A guy who seems to be having a hard time seeing why his AR won't cycle properly...
Or maybe he's trying to figure out how he got that magazine in there in the first place. 

Better get that figured out pretty quick. The way things are going, you may end up needing that any day now.


  1. I've seen some strange things as an instructor, but that one takes the cake!

  2. His shirt says DELTA, and I hope that is DELTA Airlines, and not DELTA Force. I have never tried to insert a magazine inverted, nor have I ever seen this done. Hopefully he gets schooled up and is doing it right now.

  3. Hopefully, someone educated him quickly. People who do that sort of thing at the range make me cringe...both for safety reasons (I always wonder what's coming next) and out of concern for the kind of image they project away from the range.

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  5. I've seen this pretty often while teaching rapid reloads with new privates. They yank the mag out of the pouch and are trying so hard to get it in that it ends up upside down. But those are privates who have me standing behind them 'encouraging' them to move faster. This is the kind of mistake they only make once. This guy doesn't have an NCO behind him counting off seconds as he fumbles a mag out of his pouch in the dark, so I can only assume he's an idiot.

  6. Obviously, we need a Congressional national-level committee to develop a task force to examine and investigate designs from an industrial engineering perspective to re-engineer the configuration of high-capacity assault magazine bullet cartridge clips to readily permit rapid tactile identification and correct orientation in low photon environments by users with varying degrees of training and expertise.

    I'll write the grant proposal if someone can tell me whether it should go to OSHA, DOD, BATFE, Department of Labor for ADA concerns or the Commerce Department for international trade considerations.