A Small Solar Panel Project

This the development of a small solar back up system, from concept to design through implementation.  As of today, in early June 2012, it is a work in progress.  Check back for updates. 

  1.  Concepts of Design and Getting Started 
  2.  Narrowing Down the Ideas 
  3.  Batteries and Battery Sizing
  4.  The Practical Starter Project
  5.  Preliminary Model
  6.  How To Build It?

1 comment:

  1. Your project inspired me to a slightly more modest project.

    I bought an Instaspark 20W high efficiency solar panel and a Sunforce 60031 10 Amp Digital Charge Controller. I put some Anderson Power Pole connectors on the panel lead and on the controller lead so I could plug them together.

    I got some battery clips from somewhere and put Andersons on that. Clip the battery side of the controller output to an old car battery with the clips. Plugged in my Yaesu FT-897D to the Andersons on the clips.

    So, the panel was charging the battery as I ran the radio from the battery in parallel. I picked up some traffic on 80 meters and 40 meters. I'm still working on antennas, but I got the portable power working.

    I intend to get another panel or two and run them parallel to increase amperage. The controller should handle a few more.

    Then an enclosure for the battery with Rig Runners on it and maybe some voltage regulators to be able to charge USB gear as well.

    If Mrs. 'Bix gets upset about the money I'm spending on solar and ham equipment, I may have to come stay with you. ;-)