The Ham Radio Series

 A more wide-ranging series on ham radio topics.  The series and this page are a work in progress.


1.  Sporadic E Propagation 

2.  A Propagation Preface 

3.  HF Propagation Practicalities 

4.  Antennas, Tuners, and Analyzers 

5.  Antenna Polarization 

6.  Choosing an Antenna 

7.  Bigger is Better (Antenna Version) 

8.  The Basics of RF Design 

9.  Software Defined Radio 

10.  Transmission Lines - Part I

11.  Transmission Lines - Part II 

12.  Filters and Impedance Matching 

13.  What Do You Do With Ham Radio?  

14.  The Self-Policing Aspect of Ham Radio 

15.  Control Loops and Radio Design 1

16.  What's a Phase Locked Loop?

17.  The New Kid - Direct Digital Synthesis 

18.  Is There a Transmit Equivalent of the RTL-SDR?

19.  What is Phase Noise?

20.  Modulation, Constellations and Bandwidth, Oh My!

21.  A Little Getting Started on HF Information

22.  Operating on HF  

23.  An Introduction to Power Supplies

24.  Power Supplies part 2 - Linear Regulated Supplies

24A. Addendum - The Supply is Finished

25.  An RF Safety Worksheet 



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  1. Hello brother been following your blog in rss for a short time now and am just getting into your HAM stuff. Been licensed now for 5 or so years and really enjoy the hobby. My main focus is disaster comms especially since I'm on the Eastern Seaboard and hurricanes are just a part of life.. You have some great content and I will be referring people here from now on. IDK if you have messed with JS8CALL at all but it is an interesting program and works well