Monday, May 2, 2016

Twit, er, Tweet of The Day

From bouncing around the 'net like a ping pong ball in a clothes dryer, found here, on a link from The Arts Mechanical.  
Now I'm going to bet I've spent just as much time on a dairy farm as these girls have, which is to say either zero, or maybe a few hours on an elementary school field trip.  I am far from an expert.  Plus,  I'm guessing I'm about 40 years older than they are, meaning that elementary school trip is much farther in the past for me than for them.  But even I know cows are not killed on dairy farms.  As the original Tweeter says, "you only have to fondle them".  Cows are more like coddled than harassed.  And the cows need to be milked or else very unpleasant things happen to them.  Commenter JK Brown noted:
"Ironically, on modern dairy farms, the cows can select when they are milked and just take their turn at the robot."
You have to go far down the road to crazy town to come up with a way for "I want to live" to apply to dairy cattle. 


  1. Hey, when you're a righteous social justice warrior in our "modern" society facts are's only the enthusiasm that counts.

  2. I misinterpreted my age to work a full time summer job at Byberry Mental Hospital in '66. At that time the state run mental health system operated a farm at the hospital.
    By the end of the summer I knew farming, and especially anything to do with cows, was not ever going to be a part of my career planning.
    On the other hand, not many city boys could walk to work on a farm.

    And plus one to what David said. Facts are no part of the SJW movement.

  3. Well, actually not that far. I am pretty sure that almost none of the dairy breeds steers help out in the milk supply. They are grown up to be Big Macs and such. I have no problem with that. It is the same with roosters. But not about the Big Mac/rooster connection. That would more likely be mcNugs............

  4. When the cows stop making milk, they're slaughtered.

    Otherwise you end up feeding an unproductive animal... Wait! I think I see why they're protesting! They're just trying to help other unproductive animals!

  5. Plus these dimtwits have no conception of how painful it is for a bred cow who is producing milk to _not_ be milked. If she has a calf or two on her, it's OK, but if not, you can hear her pain. Yes, they can be dried up, but that still requires milking them a few more times to ease the transition. I raised dairy goats for a few years (along with draft horses and chickens), and I remember the sound of a doe with an extremely full udder that my (ex)wife had "forgotten" to milk. I took over the milking after that.