Thursday, January 20, 2011

More on TJIC

When the story broke, my first thought was something I saw during the summer of '09, when the nation erupted with protests over the socialization of medicine.  Congress-critters on all sides were shocked to find that the cattle didn't like what the slaughterhouse had planned for them and massive numbers of moms and dads, grandmas and grandpas, and working people showed up to protest.  This video got around back then (and h/t to user "DissentFromDayOne" on YouTube).

Both this video and TJC's problems reek of what David Codrea calls "The Only Ones".  The cops know better than you.  They can arbitrarily shut you down and shut you up.  I've got first amendment rights.  "If you put up that sign, I'll arrest you."  This is America.  "It ain't no more, ok?"

While TJC hasn't personally contacted me, Arctic Patriot listed contact numbers for the Arlington PD, and TC asked him to take them down.  In light of that, I'll respect that and not list any information, but as my commenter Cold Fusion said last night,
"If we ever needed proof that the right wing is the reasonable wing.. just imagine how many lefties would be out in the streets with signs if the sides were flipped. " 
You know ... if only there were an organization devoted to defending Civil Liberties for American citizens.  You know, some sort of Union of lawyers that specialized in defending rights.  Too bad we don't have any organization like that which really cares about working, productive citizens. 


  1. That last paragraph is going to leave a mark ...

  2. The problem is that we're not actually "civil" because of the whole guns thing - thus not possessed of any civil liberties to defend. This in addition to holding the wrong views on a number of issues, which makes it either immoral or unethical to defend one of our caste. Not rioting in the streets indeed, I suppose we're just not "civil" enough to do that either.

  3. Since the ACLU was basically a Soviet invention, you can hardly expect them to defend conservative values, can you? The Second Amendment doesn't exist for the ACLU, and if you try to remind them, they start wetting the bed again at night.

    Nobody likes that. Why do you think Michelle sleeps in a separate bed?