Saturday, April 9, 2011

We Are Well and Truly Screwed

After I stopped listening to the news out of the corner of my ear the stupid party agreed to do nothing and agree with the evil party, and government shutdown was averted.  Extra style points for saving the government from shutdown on a weekend when 99% of the bureaucrats don't even work.  Wow.  What a bunch of guys!  This morning, many of the news sources were calling this a stupid party win.  The only explanation I can come up with is that the terms of the agreement must have been "you'll tell everyone we won, and we'll be your peg boys". 
In this illustration, posted last night, the final agreement was to cut $40 billion.  That's not even meeting the Democrats 1/2 way.

I caught a few seconds of Governor Huckleberry Hound as I was coming in from church at 8, and he was explaining that the evil party controls 2/3 of the government so it really doesn't matter what the "people's house" does. 

Let's grab a few headlines, shall we?  All these from Drudge Report at 2130 EDT.
  • US Debt Jumped $54 Billion in Week Preceding Deal to Cut $38 Billion
  • Obama takes credit for 'biggest annual spending cut in history'
  • Deal falls short of GOP cut pledge; 'As good as we could get,' Boehner says
  • Budget deal includes D.C. abortion rider, money for school vouchers
  • Despite Vote, We're Keeping FCC Internet Rules!
Let's see - no vote to keep the EPA from regulating CO2, no vote to de-fund Obamacare, and even though they voted to tell the FCC to drop the net neutrality laws, Comrade Peloski said, "Screw you, we're doing it anyway".  Does this sound  like a win?  Ooooh - they're going to force the senate to vote to approve funding for planned parenthood.  That'll show 'em.  Don't they vote to approve funding for everything, all the time? 

I gotta tell you, while I continue to be bullish on commodities in the long term, I have no idea how the market is going to react Monday.  Are they going to run the dollar down?  Will $1475 gold and $41 silver look cheap by Friday?  Isn't that like sitting on the Titanic and marveling that the sea looks awfully high tonight?  Or are the central bankers going to say, "OK, problem's over, back to business as usual" and the dollar goes up?

In the meantime, as they say around here when hurricane warnings go up, "Preparations should be rushed to completion".


  1. I'm embarrassed to admit, I am unclear on how this works. Do all of the Republican - especially Tea Party freshmen - have to vote as Boehner wants them to, or can they queer the deal by voting against this agreement? Is there no way of stopping Boehner and the rest of the RINOs from giving our country away to the Democrats and the Pretender-in-Chief?

    I've been prepped since a friend of mine who is LDS gave me a book explaining their notions on food storage, etc. back in the eighties. Liked the idea and ran with it. For a while here last year, I thought that there might be a slight chance that voting and working within the system could still save us, or at least lessen the blow. It's painfully obvious that isn't the case. Even if legislation is created to reverse the trend, the entrenched political machine finds a sympathetic judge to issue an injunction, regulates around it, or simply ignores it.

    I'm really afraid it might not be long before we find ourselves having to show Claire Wolfe that she's wrong. I suppose I should start shopping for some Tamworths or Durocs pretty soon.

  2. As far as I know, any of them can vote against the final bills if they want. Someone (Rush?) once said, "Did you ever notice there are maverick republicans but never democrats?" meaning they keep them in line and make them vote as a block - unless the politics demands differently. That would imply republicans vote their mind more often.

    As for if there's a chance it can be straightened out - I don't know. I don't think there's much of a chance, but there are a few good signs. To me, it's like stopping an avalanche.

    Off to the range ... it's a sunny, beautiful day here.