Sunday, May 22, 2011

Thoughts I Didn't Get To This Week

I talked about Obama's stupid policy towards Israel the other day.  I see it as the US abandoning Israel.  Caroline Glick sees it as Obama's Abandonment of America and raises some interesting points.  Here's one we absolutely agree on:
AS FOR ISRAEL, in a way, Obama did Israel a favor by giving this speech. By abandoning even a semblance of friendliness, he has told us that we have nothing whatsoever to gain by trying to make him like us.
It's a final cutoff, telling Israel to go pound sand.

Something to bear in mind is that if this is truly God at work, it doesn't matter what we do - if the US is for or against Israel.  It's His call.  It may be that Israel needs to be sifted (Luke 22:31).  It may be that the US needs to be sifted.  The Bible is nothing if not a collection of stories of the Jews (as models of all of us) falling away, and having to be punished, then put back on the right track.

In the wake of the death of the 4th amendment (Indiana and then the Supremes themselves) something has been bothering me, and my wife put it into perspective.  There is now no way to pass the Jews in the Attic Test

I haven't commented on the murder of Jose Guerena, but Sheriff Douchebag, um, Dipshit,... um Dupnik in Arizona has really raised a lot of hackles.  I'd bet there's at least ten thousand people in this country who would take him out, given half a chance.   Yes, this is the same Sheriff Dipshit who blamed the shooting of Congress Critter Giffords on the "vitriolic rhetoric" of the right.  I'm sure his crack swat team shooting an innocent Marine veteran 70-frickin' times is someone elses' fault, too.  Gonna blame this one on Rush, too, Dipshit?  I'm with RTC on this one.

This case is bullcrap from top to bottom.  Kill a guy who never took his gun off safety with 71 shots, then deliberately keep the paramedics from treating him until he dies because everyone know "dead men tell no tales"?  And then try to frame him?  Screw impeachment or recall.  This sheriff needs to be in jail.  This is the worst of what America is turning into. 


  1. Yup. It's an ugly one, from what I've read and heard. Depressing. Maddening. Frustrating. Infuriating.

    I'm still waiting for the authorities to announce that Guerena had 'bomb-making materials' and/or 'child pornography' or was linked to some other nefarious activity. Sad.

    I know all the facts are probably not known, but it's damn hard to know what the facts are when they are gathered and filtered by the very same agency that snuffed the guy.

  2. Someone, somewhere in the police command structures is going to have to realize that overusing the military gear they get is getting too many innocent people killed. They have got to throttle that stuff back.

    Unfortunately, Restore the Constitution is very likely right, except for one detail. He says that no matter what, "this kind of thing wont stop until some folks finally start retaliating against the perpetrators." I think when retaliation starts it will lead to mass retaliation on their side, and the idea they were overusing the paramilitary tactics too much won't start to occur to them until hundreds or thousands on both sides have died.

  3. I agree, SG, but they aren't going to stop anyway. The money is too easy, the Feds WANT them to take it and militarize - more troops to use if/when they decide to institute stricter controls on the populace (stricter than TSA at airports, bus stations, train stations), FEMA during natural disasters, etc. (look at what happened in N'awlins. Those were my brothers from CHP out there disarming innocent citizens, while the NO cops were shooting innocent black men on a bridge.) Quite a few of the sorts of individuals going into law enforcement these days simply love to play with military weaponry. I'm sure some of them are even ex-military, use to being under somewhat different rules of engagement.

    Some cops (we had them when I was a San Diego police officer - we called them "felony cops") truly want to use their firearm on something, anything. Why do you think so many tame, non-aggressive dogs and puppies are being killed these days by officers? These cops aren't total cowards, shooting a Maryland mayor's two young Labradors because they were afraid of them. Or the video'd vehicle stop posted a year or two back where the couple begged the cops not to let their dog out of the vehicle, and when the dog ran to its owners, one of the cops killed it. They _like_ being able to kill something. A foreign visitor in a doorway in New York, a young black man with a basketball in his hands he refused to drop in Las Vegas, a fine young man named Erik Scott outside of a Costco (also in Nevada - the LVPD apparently loves to shoot.) If we really knew how often it happens we would be (should be) up in arms already.

    Retaliating most likely will cause the response you speak of, at least initially, but I really believe it would also stop this insane LEO behavior more quickly, simply because they would discover the "thrill" of killing citizens isn't worth dying themselves. Remember your Aleksandr Solshenitsyn. That is my opinion, anyway.

  4. Solshenitsyn's oft-quoted paragraph from the Gulag Archipeligo is sonething to live (and maybe die) by. Only then will be free.

  5. G3Ken - tales like Solzhenitsyn's should ring in our ears, along with tales of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising. That a small group of amateurs with stolen and recovered guns held off the Nazis for longer than the entire rest of the nation of Poland is cause for hope.