Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Benghazi Timeline

If you work for this government, you might consider quitting.  I know that people who work for the federal government tend to be security seekers, seeking that "it takes an act of congress to fire me" job, but this government doesn't seem to have any qualms about letting its own get killed if it might be inconvenient.  Face it, fed.dood: you ain't that secure.    

But back to the issue at hand, the evidence is mounting that the higher ups of the White House, the Pentagon, CIA, Director of Intelligence Clapper and other officials not only knew that Ambassador Stevens and his crew were going to be attacked with more than enough warning to rescue them, they watched the attack in real time, on live video relayed by satellites from drones orbiting the Libyan consulate and "safe house".   The timeline is giving us information that leads to inescapable conclusions.

Former career CIA officer and Senior Fellow at the Center for Security Policy, Clare Lopez, was on The Blaze TV's Glenn Beck show and had some stunning things to say.  The interview has been taken off their pay site, and made public, in two parts.  The short version of her story is this.  Stevens was left to die.  Someone, or some ones, in the White House or the CIA or the Pentagon gave the order not to save them. It is preposterous to believe that anything else is possible.  They deployed a drone, they watched the drone's videos, and allegedly a spy satellite.  The first part of two interviews with Lopez is here.  You should watch that as well as this.  

In summary, we know a few important things.
  • I'm not going to outline the several other documented attacks in Benghazi that should have raised a flag about our team's safety.  Those have been widely talked about.  Stevens should not have even been in Benghazi at all.    
  • The "IT Guy" in the embassy staff (and fellow radio ham), Sean Smith, frequented an online gaming site.  It's reasonable that this was a "channel" monitored by intelligence agencies to keep in touch with him.  He posted a message saying, "Assuming we don’t die tonight. We saw one of our ‘police’ that guard the compound taking pictures."  This was 12:54 in the afternoon US East Coast time, 6:54 PM in Libya.
  • The US has a base less than an hour's flight away in Sicily.  A QRF - Quick Reaction Force - was said to be there.  (QRF means I don't have to add "ready to deploy at a moment's notice"). 
  • The attacks began about 50 minutes after a Turkish representative left a meeting with Stevens, or 9:40 PM.  That's mid-afternoon in the US when the attack started, and three hours later than Smith's posting.  The QRF could have easily been there. (Excellent Timeline Here)
  • It appears Smith was dead and Stevens missing by about 11PM, 5PM EDT.  
  • This was watched in real time.  The president, concerned about a coming media event, went to bed. 
Several of us, this blog included, were very concerned about Libya from the start (not to mention here).  It really appears that the US armed Al Qaeda militants in the Libyan war and Stevens was the go-between.  The trail appears to lead to those guns going from Benghazi to Syria, by way of Turkey - hence the meeting with the Turkish diplomat about an hour before the attack on Stevens began. It appears that Ambassador Stevens, Sean Smith, and his guards, former Seals (/CIA operatives) Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty were hung out as collateral damage.  Exact why they were allowed to be killed is not known yet.  It could be they were left to die because the truth that we were arming Al Qaeda would interfere with the presidential campaign.  Or they could have been left to die as part of the campaign.  Wouldn't bombing Benghazi to avenge their killings make the president look more powerful?   Wag the Dog, anyone?

If you're working for the government, you just better hope you don't get into a position like Stevens or the other guys.  You become completely expendable. 

EDIT 2208 EDT:  The Washington Times adds a well-researched piece on the gun running evidence.


  1. the obummer is ineptly following the lead of one of his idols, the morally crippled fdr, albeit on a much smaller scale.


  2. So, Obama watched these men fighting for their lives until he got bored and went to bed. What a worthless POS we have for a Commander-In-Chief, "the Leader of the Free World", as we _used_ to describe our Presidents.

    He deserves to suffer what Ambassador Christopher Stevens suffered, including the sodomy.