Saturday, February 23, 2013

223 Day of Resistance - After "Action"

The closest meeting place for the Day of Resistance meetings in the US was close to my home town, so of course we went. 
I'm sure there are readers who will envy our 86 degree weather, but it was a bit uncomfortable when the sun was out.  I'm going to estimate the group was around 200 people; a lot of constitutional restoration signs were on display, along with strong second amendment support.  This wasn't an open carry rally, but while open carry is generally illegal in Florida, it is legal if you're fishing or hunting, or on your way to or from either.  Since this little park is on the Indian River (a saltwater lagoon), at least one guy was carrying a fishing rod and open carrying in a thigh holster.  I think it's safe to say that most of the group was armed. 
The content was a little thin.  We did have the chairman of the county commission vow to oppose any efforts by the feds to restrict our rights, and since our Sheriff was one of the first in the state to sign the petition vowing to stand by our R2KBA, it sounds as good as we can ask for in our little corner of the FUSA. The commissioner's wife gave a rousing speech (she's in a minor office, not specifically related to  the 2A) and another couple of speakers rounded out the day, urging us to gather momentum, contact our elected officials, and keep up the pressure ... interspersed with a talented couple of kids - young girls - who sang.
I didn't notice this guy's III-per sign until I was editing the pictures to post.  My III-per patch is on a jacket and 86 is not jacket weather.  It was more like T-shirt weather


  1. ...just back from Bluffton, Indiana rally where I estimate attendance at just about 100. Did not see one firearm, but it is safe to assume there were some.

    It was windy and in the twenties. There was good veteran turnout, and many women. Patriot groups and TEA Party folks.

    Lots of honking horns from passers-by, sympatheticos.

    1. I applaud anyone that would go out in that kind of weather. That's serious dedication.

  2. I'm about to put my AAR on my blog. I went to a Tea Party rally and met my newly elected sheriff who told me he was serious about his oath. HUZZAH! (This is in KY)