Thursday, January 23, 2014

DiveMedic Goes Silent

As I do a few times every week, I clicked on "Confessions of a Street Pharmacist" to catch up on his blog but this time received the message that the blog is gone.  I first discovered DiveMedic on a link via Borepatch quite some time ago and have been a regular reader.  I know we're both Floridians, and by the areas he posted about, I assume he's located in the Orlando area.  That's pretty much an hour and change drive from here - depending on exactly where you're driving to. 

As a fellow gunnie and former scuba diver (currently without gear), we had more than a few perspectives in common.  I have to say I learned a few really astounding things from him about how badly paramedics are treated in this area.  And I learned a few neighborhoods in Orlando that I really don't want to drive through!

A story I've never told on this blog is that when I was just out of high school a hundred years ago, I worked as an emergency room orderly and nurse's aide.  As a first year college student, I helped with suturing, setting bones, and was on the hospital "code" team - going around the hospital doing (essentially) CPR on people in cardiac arrest.  In many ways it was the most satisfying job I ever had: people would come in bloody, messy, bleeding, and in my limited way I helped clean them, sew them up, and send them home looking and feeling better than when they came in.  I worked with a lot of paramedics, and was certified in first aid, but most of what I did was after the first aid was rendered and the person was in the hospital. 

The last month has been pretty rough for him, and being a guy, I didn't have much I could say that seemed useful.

Sorry to see you gone, DM.  You're always welcome around here.


  1. I regret I never got a chance to meet him. Orlando is within driving distance of Daytona.

    What part of the start are you in, SiG?

  2. I am at a point in my life where I have to focus on things that need to be repaired, and there is just no joy in blogging right now. I have to focus on repairing me, and in repairing (if I can) my relationship. I have a long road ahead of me, no matter what happens.
    She emailed me this morning, and said that she wants to repair our friendship and maybe more. That will have to do for now.

    1. I'm totally bummed that you've dropped your blog, but I'm just selfish. :)

      Good luck.


    2. I, too, am bummed, but I really respect your desire to focus on important issues in your life. I've appreciated reading your perspectives over the last couple of years, and wish you all the best.

    3. Thanks for dropping by - as you can see, you have a group of fans.

      That said, blogging can be a massive distraction at a time like this. Hope it works out well for you. It's hard for anyone to be less qualified to give relationship advice than me. I'm an engineer and most of the jokes about social ineptitude don't go far enough to describe how bad I am. Just be careful out there...

  3. Good on you DM! Focus on first priorities. Then maybe you can get back to your avocation and share more. God Bless!