Monday, February 10, 2014

Blog Administrivia

Fellow gun blogger Guffaw posted the other day that he has problems leaving comments here and a few other places.  I've checked on my end and don't see a single reason why that might be.

If anyone else has tried to lave a comment and had it bounce, would you drop me an email?  Contact info has always been far down the right sidebar, just below the "Fight Terror, Support Israel" badge and the list of books from Library Thing.  Just email SiGraybeard at gmail dot com.

I have the blog set to moderate comments to posts over 14 days old.  It does two things for me: it helps me know they've been left, and it helps in Spam rejection since the older posts gather the robots that search on key words to leave spam.   I always approve real comments, but two or three sentences on how wonderful I am accompanied by a link to an Asian web site is too transparently spam, even for me.

I'll be honest.  I enjoy getting the feedback from comments but never really know how to handle it.  If it's a question or seems to invite an answer I do; if it's just a good statement, I usually just leave it. 


  1. the only problem I have is the 'captcha' words are sometimes unreadable and force me to reload several times.

  2. In receipt of your email.
    This is a test - if it posts, a solution has been found!


    PS - it posted! Thanks!