Saturday, May 31, 2014

Picasso's Blues Period

Note that I said his blues period, not his blue period.  Inspired by one painting in particular: 
Having a flare up of an elbow tendinitis tonight and it hurts to type, so I'll be a "man of few words".


  1. Now that is funny!

    Elbow tendonitis, eh? Been bending those strings up a full step and shaking them on the way down? That will do it.....

  2. No, not bending strings - trying to get a stuck nozzle off a garden hose! Right elbow, not left.

    Sucker seems to have welded itself in place. Two big guys - my brother and I - with Channellock pliers and Vise-Grips couldn't budge the nozzle, but destroyed the hose instead.