Monday, December 14, 2015

The Paris Climate Conference

Was a colossal waste of time and money, producing an agreement that will have no discernible effect on the global temperature.   The bottom line is that a bunch of self-impressed politicians and diplomats flew there to be seen with each other, stay at expensive hotels, eat expensive food, and pose for pictures, just so they can feel good about themselves.

Over five years ago, May of 2010, I posted an article called "Imagine There Is Man Made Global Warming".  In it, I took some published numbers from the global warming folks and did some calculator button pushing to show that nothing they were suggesting would make any difference.
That's our magic number-1,767,250 million metric tons of CO2 per ºC.  To the precision we know such things, that's more like 1.8 million mmt (million million metric tons).

So let's say you wanted to reduce your carbon footprint.  Being a fanatic little greenie, you decide to give up your car.  According to some online sources, if you stopped driving your average mid-sized car for a year, you'd save about 5.5 metric tons (or 0.000055 million metric tons, mmt) of CO2 emissions per year. Divide 0.000055mmtCO2 by 1,767,250 mmt/ºC and you get 3.11 * 10^-12 degrees C (3.11e-12 in calculator-jockey jargon).  If you took every car in the USA off the road, roughly 150 million, you've only changed the temperature .000466C per year. 
There has been talk about reducing the US CO2 output to 80% of its current levels - at one time that was in the Cap and Trade bill that has been in congress off and on for the last year. The 2005 carbon output was about 6000 mmt, so 80% below that is 6000-4800 or 1200 mmt. 4800/1,800,000 is .0027C. So if you took 150 million average mid-sized cars off the road and reduced the power generation and other carbon uses, those add up to a whopping .003C! In other words, nothing. In no statistical test could you distinguish that result from zero. Bupkis.
And that's the dirty, stupid little secret.  Imagine there really is man made global warming.  Use their numbers.  Calculate how much effect you would have on temperatures by virtually destroying everyone and everything you now know or ever have known, and it has no effect at all.
Today I stumbled across a link to a calculator at the Cato Institute (H/T to 90 Miles) that will allow you to calculate the change in average global temperature from reductions in CO2 emissions from just the US or the whole industrialized world, with your choice of four different Climate Sensitivity numbers.  A few minutes with this calculator confirms everything I said in that old post.  90 Miles links to the Daily Signal for this wisdom: 
Paul Knappenberger and Patrick Michaels [at Cato - SiG] estimate that the climate regulations the Obama administration are imposing on the energy sector – costs that will be passed down to households – will avert a meager 0.018 degree Celsius of warming by the year 2100.

What’s worse is that if you included 100 percent cuts from the entire industrialized world in their modeling, then you would only avert warming by 0.278 degree C by the turn of the century.
I have my doubts that an average global temperature change of 0.018 degrees C could be determined with today's technology.  When you consider all the uncertainties involved in predicting 85 years into the future, along with how poorly the Global Climate Models have been doing and all the other arguments, I maintain they not only couldn't determine if these numbers are correct, but can't even tell you if the temperature is going to change.  Furthermore, I link to a video in that previous post where an insider at the Chicago Climate Exchange says exactly this. 

It's a scam; the insiders know it's a scam, the only people who don't think it's a scam are the useful idiots in the parties and the press that vote for these guys.  The insiders, Kerry, Obama, and the crooks  selling carbon credits are just in it to fleece us.  If it's not the largest criminal enterprise in history, that's only because they haven't gotten everything they want.


  1. It's not just a's a con game. It's the BIGGEST grifter's scheme in human history. The plan is to steal TRILLIIONS of dollars from those people and countries that can and do and transfer that wealth
    to the handful of people in charge in poor countries making THEM wealthy. The actual people in third world countries won't get jack Shiite. As part of that process the Uber Rich and Elite will skim BILLIONS of dollars off the top of this money stream making them even
    MORE Uber Rich and Elite. As's the biggest con job in the history of planet earth.

  2. Obama used 39 years of my energy consumption levels to fly to Paris and back to lecture me on my consumption.

    I'll start acting like this is a crisis when HE does.