Monday, April 11, 2016

Podcast is Up

The Gun Blog Variety Podcast episode 86 is up.  My topic this time is an intro to rechargeable batteries.

Edit at 1224 EDT to add:  Both Sean and I are unsure of whether or not the real Tech Tips host is coming back.  This will probably work itself out in the next few weeks, but I'd appreciate it if anyone who has listened to these podcasts has an opinion about if I should continue to do these. Leave a comment or send a personal email to SiGraybeard at gmail dot com, with the usual substitutions.


  1. I enjoyed listening to your segments. You come across well and have an obvious mastery of the subjects. I look forward to hearing more.

    I found your segment on rechargeable batteries interesting and I got knowledge from the segment. (I have carefully avoided using any electrical terms, like, "an electrifying discourse on batteries, SiG has amped up his presentation, and has a current knowledge of the subject. You fill find his segment on the podcast hard to resist.")

    Please sir, may we have more?