Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Video of the Day

Andrew Klavan does just over three minutes of what the news sounds like to me these days.



  1. I love Andrew Klavan's commentary. I wish he were more widely known (needs a slot on Fox or something).

    1. I first learned about Klavan in a joint video with Bill Whittle, and they've done several together. I don't know if Bill offered him a spot at his outlet, but I'm sort of surprised not to see him there.

  2. Yes, it's gobeldegoop... And it's what we've seen for the past 8 years during the Obamanation.

    But why isn't Drake under investigation?

  3. This was made up by the Democrats after Hillary lost. In many ways it is pure genius. Of course it necessarily will harm the country and our citizens but the genius is that it will benefit the Democrats and probably allow them to take back one or both houses in 2018 & 2020. Pure political genius providing you ignore all the harm it will do to our economy, the constitution and people's lives.