Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pearl Harbor Day

This is just a simple suggestion to take a few seconds and think of it.  Pay respect to the WWII vets who fought and died. 78 years ago this morning. 

In the last five years, I've come to find out that my brother's Father-in-Law is a WWII vet.  He's 97 now, still drives a lot, still has a sharp mind.  He was mowing his lawn the last time we talked a few years ago.  For much of the time I've known him, he worked as a bag boy at a Publix grocery store although he was a retired banker, but that ended around ten years ago.  He's the first WWII vet I've known in years.  I'll use the term, "tough old bird".  Maybe on Christmas, I can get a few stories out of him but he hasn't made one of the holiday events at my brother's house in three years, now.

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  1. I had the honor of working closely with many WWII vets on the Iowa.

    "Tough Old Birds" describes them to a tee, along with humble. Even the guys I talked to that clanked when they walked, as proven by their medals and awards, all said they were just doing their job.

    Amazing men.....