Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Remember That Patriot Front March Last Saturday?

Lots of people commented on it and how it looked as much like a Fed Boi false flag as the "Only Feds" one last September.  "Hello, fellow insurrectionists! I'm happy to meet you for the first time so we can all MAGA together. Let's ask the other MAGAs if they have forgotten their AR-15,'s and offer to give them some." 

A very interesting rabbit hole appears on PJ Media this afternoon, courtesy of Stephen Green, who writes and does video podcasts with Bill Whittle regularly.  It seems that there's some evidence being talked about that one of the main voices behind the "rally" on Twitter is an AI Bot, given an AI face blend (made up face) of a pretty young blond woman.  (Because that won't attract attention, right?)

I could quote the entire article here and not take up too much more space, but Stephen's got some Twitter links to go poke around on and there's some funny stuff there.  There’s an entire Twitter thread devoted to this young lady, who joined Twitter last month and whose existence can’t be verified anywhere else.  The guy who posted this picture says he did a search engine dive for the screen name she's using, “Sheryl Lewellen,” and can find only one other thing she supposedly posted: a GoFundMe to help her friend's dog get surgery.  

That's right, no Google history at all.  Two Twitter threads.  I just checked and “her” account has been suspended for some reason.

Final words to Stephen Green because he's Vodka Pundit, after all, and he's funny. 

The whole thing is day-old fishy, and it stinks.

Finally, Insanity Wrap would just like to say that “Media Frenzy Over ‘White Supremacy’ Protest Hyped by AI FaceBot” isn’t just the most 2021 headline you’ve ever read, it’s the most 2021 headline possible.

Then again, we do still have three-and-a-half weeks to go until 2022.




  1. Almost everything happening is part of the lefts campaign to destroy freedom, America, and cement the commie lefts grasp on power. They committed the Crime Of The Century when they stole the election and the White House. They will literally do anything, break any law, commit any crime and if necessary kill anyone or any number of people to stay in power.

    A creed responsible for the murder of tens of millions of people in the past century is capable of anything.

  2. Yeah, they're not even being subtle anymore are they?

  3. One might think they would be smart enough to at least give her an "Only Fans" channel!

  4. I am of the opinion that all those "Patriot Front" people are current students at the FBI's Quantico schoolhouse. They look the right age, are all fit and healthy looking, clearly can follow orders, can march in formation, etc. Everything you'd expect from cadets just 1/2 hour south of DC.

  5. It would have been instructive if someone had opened fire on that herd, and the feds suddenly had to own up to the 52 Fibbies killed and wounded in a fake rally.


    1. And if they keep this up, that's exactly what's going to happen.

  6. I subscribe to Froward Observer. Their take is that the group is real and has been around since 2017. The fake Miss Lewellen was simply a subterfuge used to get the word out, as the group has had every social media account they've created blocked in less than a day. Can't really say more than that without giving away someone else's farm.