Saturday, January 7, 2023

Why Doesn't Anybody Talk About This?

The Blaze newsletter, one of a few newsletters I get every day (more newsletters than are useful most of the time) had a story that hit a sore spot with me.  It talked about the Sinaloa area of Mexico being in open warfare as drug kingpin El Chapo's son was arrested and the city was turned into a war zone. 

A significant Mexican military force swooped into the city of Culiacan to take Ovidio Guzman into custody. The Mexican army ordered Blackhawk helicopter gunships to attack a convoy of 25 cartel vehicles – some sporting machine guns.

Mexican law enforcement was able to arrest Guzman. However, 10 Mexican military personnel and one Culiacan policeman were killed during the operation, according to Defense Secretary Luis Cresencio Sandoval. There were 17 police officers and 35 military personnel injured during the firefight. Authorities believe 19 members of the Sinaloa drug cartel died during the mission.

I'm gonna say a few things that I think are so obvious I don't need to go find references for.  I ordinarily look for references, but today those are going to sound like "everybody knows."  

Everybody knows there's a handful of drug cartels in Mexico and they essentially control the government.  That implies this raid might well have been one cartel fighting the others.  I've heard the Mexican military has been bought and paid for by the cartels - or maybe one cartel and they're trying to eliminate competition.

But it goes farther than that.  Everybody has seen some version of this:

Everybody has heard of the horrific death toll from cheap Chinese fentanyl and carfentil smuggled into the US.  Everybody knows the cartels make money smuggling drugs and people into the US, including human trafficking children for pedophiles.  The allegation is children are raped until they "wear out" and then are killed off.  

Everybody knows the border is wide open thanks to the bungling leadership of Biden and his pegboy, Mayorkas.  Everybody knows it's not incompetence, it's deliberate.  By design and intention.

Yeah, Brandon says the border is secure.  And pretty much everybody who lives in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and the southern tip of California will laugh at him.  If the border really being secure was even in the top 100 things the administration cared about they wouldn't have done this:

Everybody also knows that Biden is corrupt as hell.  Just do a web search for the term "10% for the big guy" for cripes sake, if this is news.  Go do a web search for him getting his drug-addled son onto the board of Burisma in Ukraine.  

In light of all of these things, and more, it also seems highly likely that agencies on our side of the border are also being paid off by the cartels.  That people in our government are owned by the cartels too; profiting off this drug and human trafficking.  

How come we haven't heard one word about such an investigation?  Oh, yeah.  That's right.  The DOJ is just as corrupt as those four clowns in the above meme and the rest of the regime.  They probably make tons of money off the cartels as well.  Nobody would survive looking into this.  You can bet any body part you'd like that the propaganda media sure won't look into it.

You may heard the story earlier in the week that Trump says if he's president again, he'll go against the cartels with the full military might of the US.  

"When I am president, it will be the policy of the United States to take down the cartels, just as we took down ISIS and the ISIS caliphate – and just as, unlike the situation we are in today, we had a very, very strong border,"

His mistake in his first go-'round was underestimating just how total the deep state corruption was.  Sounds like the same thing despite being subject to it continuously since 2015.   



  1. What's your question, SiG? Are the cartels kicking back 10% to the big guy for allowing them to smuggle humans (the real profit) across the border? My gut says yes, but I don't know who the bag men are. Likely the FBI. All this is in the open. It isn't as if USGOV is trying to hide anything.

    1. I guess the question is why don't we hear anything about it? There's no shortage of references to Hunter's laptop and cries to investigate that. There's likewise no shortage of talks about investigating money laundering through Ukraine, Sam Bankman Fried and LTX, money from China to Brandon and son, and a dozen other things, but NOBODY in the news talks about this.

      We're supposed to just accept all these problems with the open border and not want the people getting money from the cartels to face justice? But we do want people getting money from all these other scams to face it?

    2. Why? Because all of the Deep State and especially all the top actors are getting their cut of the drugs and people smuggling operations, from inside the US sources, from Mexico and from Communist China.

      It's to the point that you could literally shoot everyone in Congress and only manage to hit about 10% (at most) innocent congress critters.

      Go to all the Bureaus and Agencies, and the innocent numbers are probably less than 5%, most likely 1% not involved in this bullscat.

      Add in all the eneMedia who are making bucks off of the Cartels and Communist China and the DNC and Soros and and and... well, it's a filthy dirty business.

      Add in all the state and local LEO agencies that are corrupted (usually in the upper echelon, but lower down, too) and the state, county and city administrators who get their fair cut, well...

    3. Beans is right. That's why.

    4. The question is why don't we hear anything about it?

      Other than a few assorted blogs & such all the media is owned by the same people who think that the open border is part of the plan.

      All the media...

  2. Repeated for emphasis:
    1) I was at the border for years, and can point out to you a house otherwise in the middle of nowhere, but 200 yards or so south of the US border, with a sprawling house, giant warehouse, guard/obs. tower, 15' tall curtain wall with wooden gates like a medieval castle, and an olympic-sized swimming pool. just outside a village made of tarpaper shacks and the like. The house is locatable on Google Earth, and whether seen from ground-level, or God's-eye view it screams out "Bond Villain/Drug Lord Lair".
    All day long, cars would pull up to the border fence nearby, and bags and bundles (presumably of dope) would be tossed over the fence. Cars would zoom up from the American side, unmolested by anything like Border Patrol, grab the haul of bundles, up to duffel bag size, and undertake distribution to points northward.
    When civilian border watchers were present, this was impinged, so a rival cartel with nothing to do drove a convoy up to said drug lord's house, and that convoy exchanged full automatic gunfire with the guards at the house for half an hour. Not just AK fire, but .30 cal and .50BMG full auto fire (I've heard Fiftys enough times to recognize the thump-thump-thump), complete with dueling red and green tracers, ricocheting into the night in all directions.
    200 yards from the US, and 1-2 hours' drive from four of the nation's largest cities! Network nor local TV couldn't be bothered to cover it. And this was 20 years ago.

    2) A few nights later, we took up positions at an airstrip, county-owned, closed at night, to monitor smuggling traffic. With gravel in all directions, even in the dark, no one could sneak up on us, and we could see the border for a mile or more even on dark nights. We were chased off after three nights by San Diego sheriff's deputies (known by all the locals to be crooked as a dog's hind leg, agency-wide, to a man, for years), who told us they were making us leave because, (direct verbatim quote) "we have to make it fair for both sides", i.e. for the border watchers, and the cartel smugglers. I almost fell back from the shock, and I would have killed for the tape had any of us been taping that exchange, but we never expected such candor from bought-and-paid-for corrupt cops.

    3) About 5 of us subsequently shut down all personnel and drug trafficking on a multi-mile stretch of the border, for two years, just by showing up. Unlike military post changes, and common sense, Border patrol was - and is - pulled off-watch for an hour at scheduled shift changes, three times a day, at midnight, 8AM, and 4 PM. We habitually interdicted groups and dope crossing at 00:05, 8:05, and 4:05, every day we showed up, for years.
    If we could shut it down with a few guys, Border Patrol could do the same with 10,000 guys. But most of them are deployed at checkpoints 20 miles or more inland from the border. On purpose.

    4) We also figured, with their resources, they could follow any given group of migrants or smugglers, and , instead of catching them at the 1 yard-line by the fence, just follow them from the air, and see where they went. Then stake-out those houses, record license plates, and so on, and then in about a week, roll up entire cartel networks, employees, and safehouses, and dismantle entire smuggling networks, then follow money trails to find out who was on the payroll, in under a month.
    But while this would be child's play, they never do that.
    Why not?
    No other explanation explains the behavior.
    The field-level agents are about 1/3 dedicated hard-chargers, 1/3rd rent- and pension-seekers, and 1/3 corrupt, on-the-take crooks working for the cartels.
    Anybody above basic field supervisory levels is almost entirely in that last third.

    Knowing that, what was your question again?

    1. The US Gov has all the houses mapped out, with floor plans, and some good sonar/radar scans of underground features. Have had since the 80's.

      But we do nothing.

      "Clear and Present Danger" is not a bad idea at all. Declare war on the MFers and let slip the bombs of war.

    2. Yup. No one has ever been serious about it. Too much money, too much power.

  3. And yet NONE dare mention who owns the Democrats, lest they be deleted!

    1. you should visit, Mark...we chat about that and the very problems that SiG points out.

  4. I wonder how deep the slave trade going on across the border really goes?

    1. Very. Same party that supported slave trade in the 1800's. No surprise there.

      Along with squishy Republicans, lots of squishy republicans...

  5. Trump will never get the chance. They will keep him out of the picture by political means, and if those fail, he will be assassinated. Don't look to Trump for any solutions here. The entire country is corrupt, and it will take a complete reset to recover from it. You know those methods.

    Nuclear war might do it. Hyperinflation might do it. A large asteroid might do it. Nothing less will have any impact at all, no matter how much frothing and foveating us awake peons do.