Wednesday, January 25, 2023

And... the Days Off Begin

As mentioned on Sunday, Thursday is my surgery.  I have some prepping to do for an early morning trip up there.  I expect to spend Thursday night in the hospital and come home some time Friday.  It's hard to know exactly what to expect in terms of recovery.  Your support and prayers are deeply appreciated.

So a couple of things that struck me funny in the last month or so.


  1. Sig, best wishes for fast and pain free healing.

  2. Get repaired, hurry back! All the best, bud!

  3. Good luck today! Thinking positive thoughts...

  4. Praying that everything goes well for you, and that your doctor is not like that last cartoon!

  5. Prayers up for a quick and successful surgery.

  6. Wishing (and praying) for a good outcome. Hurry home and recover!

  7. Praying your surgery goes well. Hospitals and surgery are no fun.

  8. As I tend to my wife after her gall bladder removal surgery today, and think of your surgery, I note the wonders of the invention of laproscopic surgery and how it has helped minimize the recovery time and permit the patient to recover in the comfort of ones home. I hope your recovery is speedy and with minimal pain. I learned of LINX from your post, as one who has been on Protonix for 20 years due to a Hiatial Hernia, I will have a discussion with my GI Dr. about this LINX technology.

    Regarding the EZ-Way Tower “Wonder Pole” design for a tilt over tower base similar to your installation. The “Wonder Pole” had two versions, one with a hinge at the tower bottom and one that is hinged at the top of the pole. Either way the tilt winch and pulley can be configured appropriately. With the hinge at the tower base it makes for an easier assembly as the tower need not be lifted to the 7 or 8 ft fulcrum point for the hinge pin to be inserted. For an aluminum tower weight is not likely to be a problem. On the other hand with the hinge at the higher level the tower will rest parallel to the ground with a 8 ft ladder or appropriate support.
    I just acquired a telescoping 55 ft steel EZ-WAY tower without the “Wonder Pole.” Its 30 yrs old and hot dip galvanized- still like new. EZ-WAY, now out of business was based in Tampa and made towers of all sizes. A search will reveal their tower models and their “Wonder Pole” tower base design. I will fabricate the Wonder Pole design from steel I have on hand and use a base hinge made of steel bar and a hinge pin of 1/2 in steel rod. The earth conditions in my South Florida area are a think layer of limestone cap rock with a foot of top soil overburden and sand to contend with. A new Hygain TH3 will replace a very old A3S Cushcraft.

    1. My first tower at my first house in West Boca Raton, around 45 years ago, was a used EZ-Way from a friend. He helped me put together a base that cranked over from the ground with the winch mounted to the corner of the house. (Unlike me, he could weld) I think it was a 35' steel tower but that's a hazy memory and all old notes are either gone or under papers in drawers..

      The more I look at the situation I have, the more I think about cranking over from the bottom of my pole and mounting some sort of bracket to the top of the pole to hold it in place. I don't think using the wall of the house would be feasible to hold the house bracket since it's concrete block and CBS isn't very strong in that direction. It's strong in compression top to bottom along the poured concrete surfaces, but not in tension from one thin wall, across a lot of (much thinner) air and another thin wall. I don't see a way to pour concrete in the 40 year old blocks of the wall.