Saturday, September 23, 2023

It's Almost Fall

I know that technically fall started early this morning East Coast time, and while it isn't really fall-like weather here, it's not August 54th, either.  It hit 67 this morning for the official low temperature at the airport, and the daily climate report says the normal value for this date is 73.  

                VALUE   VALUE  
TEMPERATURE (F)             
  MAXIMUM         85     87     
  MINIMUM         67     73     
  AVERAGE         76     80 

As you can see, the overall picture is that it was a cooler than average for the 23rd, but not a particularly strong cold front.  Not particularly strong winds, just the overall picture of being south of tropical storm Ophelia and getting some of the large-scale effects of that low pressure system.  

It's not unusual.  Actually, if we had gotten a cold front on the first day of fall, that would have been more unusual.

On top of that, I don't want to jinx myself, but nothing around the house is broken at the moment.  I talked about some of it in early August.  The plumbing issues are long resolved, it led to some issues in our refrigerator when some water dumped into the freezer and formed large amounts of ice that had to be broken off and gotten rid of.  The water was apparently from the feed line to the ice maker although exactly how and when isn't certain.  

The big thing mentioned in that August post, that the air conditioner in the shop addition had died, turned into it having to be replaced and that was a big chunk of change.  It got put in a week ago Wednesday and while it has taken some getting used to, it seems to be working properly.  Part of the delay in getting going on replacing it was my slow decision process, looking into alternatives like window units instead of a replacement mini-split. 

The main issue is that I still haven't gotten around to the job I talked about last Sunday - weeding.  Mrs. Graybeard tried Round Up and while it probably was a bit better than if instead of Round Up we had used fertilizer, it certainly didn't act like a "weed killer."  It didn't even seem to be a weed annoyer, just not a weed enhancer.  The adjustments I made to my bike's brakes have held up to a few rides and the fix looks promising at the moment. 


  1. Try some "Round Up 365" if you can find it. "Regular" Round Up breaks down in something like 72 hours, and the 365 stuff stays potent quite a while longer.

    You must have some tough weeds down there!

    1. Nothing like Ground Clear (formerly known as Triox) to kill weeds!
      ...........aaaaand everything else........

      (Helpful, ain't I??)

  2. And remember that, when the bike brakes do not work, look for something cheap to run into!

  3. From Aliens. "I say we take off and nuke the entire site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure." — Ellen Ripley

    We've had success with the various forms of Roundup. But we are not battling the primordial weeds that survive Florida's environment.