Saturday, January 6, 2024

The Best Story I've Heard About January 6

Today, I saw the best thing I've read about January 6th, the dawning day of American political prisoners and the operation that created them, thanks to Mike Myles at 90 Miles From Tyranny.  

Ashli Babbit wasn't the only woman who was killed that day, but Ashli's killing was so obviously a horrible overreaction by Lt. Byrd who shot her, that her military service and life story have made her the one everyone thinks of first.  She was not a life-threatening risk to Lt. Byrd.  There was also a woman named Roseanne Boyland who died in the capital.  As it is, you'd be hard pressed to find the truth about anything done, anybody killed, and the thousands of years of prison time given to protestors.  I've tried to look up details on these cases but the media saturation with stories made to tell the official party line is making getting details practically impossible. 

From X (Twitter) account InvestigateJ6.

I saw a video of this some months ago, and it looked like that description, that the police beat her to death.  I saw the other people trying to resuscitate her.  The official cause of death was "accidental overdose of amphetamines," but she was known to have come off a drug habit and was trying to help others overcome their addictions.  

Of course, there were also men who died on January 6th; I've seen the names Kevin Greeson and Benjamin Phillips, but the official narrative is that they died of heart failure - cardiovascular disease.  As a general rule, nobody cares about white men dying other than their families, so since they weren't wearing fur and horns or caught stealing Nancy Pelosi's desk, it'll be hard to find anything else about them. 

A big thanks to Tom Fitton and Judicial watch for starting the suit on Ashli Babbit's family's behalf.

EDIT Jan. 7 at 1340 EST to add:  Vivek Ramaswamy might have won the war of words on Jan.6, tweeting on the 6th about Ray Epps and adding the hashtag, #EntrapmentDay.  Note that on the 6th, DC U.S. Attorney Matthew Graves made it clear that the DOJ is now going to target Americans who were around the Capitol on J6 but did not enter the building.  Anyone who happened to be "around" the Capitol?  Would you define "around" Mr. U.S. Attorney?  A hundred yards?  A hundred miles? 


  1. Kudos Sig, for mentioning Roseanne Boyland. She is definitely the forgotten victim for the J6 “event.” [You wouldn’t publish what wife and I call it]

    During our very bad habit of watching “news” on cable, one can still hear mentions of “People fighting for their lives,” and our favorite, “Five officers were beaten to death that day.”


    Thanks for the brief interruption of your space news blog, and the release of some much needed J6 truth.

  2. This was the moment when our federal government went from covertly national socialist to full-blown active National Socialist.

    And people still believe that this was a violent armed insurrection by the evil right people. Despite all the facts that have come out about the number of 'informants,' rats and actual undercover agents that were involved with it all.

    People told me I was wrong when I said the selection of Nov, 2020 was the end of the United States as a republic. We will see if I was wrong. So far I was right. Sadly.

  3. I know this blog avoids politics as much as possible, however I must add my 2 cents. We must forever tell the story of Ashli’s murder, and expose the murderous, treasonous Communist Biden Regime for their Crimes and Tyranny. The country is speeding into Communism and our youth, our future leaders are aloof to this, and some seem to encourage it. And I second the recognition of Judicial Watch in leading the lawsuit against the appropriate government agencies.

    Now, I went to the link provided but ended down a rabbit hole with Girls and Guns. This old mans heart restarted a few times. Havnt been hit so hard since I contacted 25 kv second anode voltage on a color tv set back in the day.

    1. You made me actually laugh out loud with that one. Having come across those second anode voltages myself back in my teenage years.

    2. 25Kv? Piker!
      I was in the HV section of a 1955 RCA color tv and my knuckle brushed the anode cap of the 3A3 shunt regulator I was replacing. I had shut down the TV less than 5 minutes before, so I got the 45Kv hit and badly scraped the back of my wrist removing said hand from the "cage", getting blood all over the place. Good thing I was only 15 at the time or my heart would've stopped!

  4. Absolutely NOTHING the Fed Gov has told us about that day can be believed.

  5. If you paid your Mafia taxes, they actually PROTECTED you.
    Seen any sign of that from your government lately?

  6. They say she died of a drug overdose , but floyd didn't.

  7. The FBI and law enforcement set this up. They dressed up their undercover agents as Trump supporters and used them to urge peaceful demonstrators to enter the capitol. They did this to stop the congressional invetigation into the elections allowing Pelosi to declare an emergency and stop the proceedings. The Democrats didn't want this investigation into the stolen election and this was their best chance to stop it. The Trump supporters were pawns in this game. The Democrats also sent in bus loads of Antifa and BLM rioters into the crowd to cause violence and damage. Look at the videos and those wearing "black block" were Antifa and BLM plants to make sure the "riot" was violent. But for the most part it was peaceful until the police killed a few innocent people and began firing rounds into the crowd. This was a government false flag event intended to steal power. Our entire federal bureaucracy was in on this and all of them should be fired and start again with honest people. That will not happen and that leaves us with a corrupt government and a long slide into a 3rd world banana republic with no way back. They cannot let Trump become president because he would expose a lot of this so if they have to they will assassinate him. Make no mistake; it's over the Dems and bureaucracy are just using up time to finish the looting and pillage.