Monday, April 8, 2024

Not One Thing Happened Today Besides the Eclipse

As fur as I can tell, not one single thing happened in the world of space, the businesses, or even all of science. Just the eclipse. 

Which is not to say nothing happened to billions of people, going through their everyday lives. People went to work, went shopping, and did lots of different things, it's just that in the array of places I go to look for space-related news the story was the eclipse. Along with the stories I ran over the weekend.

I worked on troubleshooting parts of my sprinkler system that aren't working quite right. Got some household business taken care of. Stuff like that. Sure, I took a picture of the eclipse. We had about 50% coverage, so not very photogenic. Go look at McThag's picture. His is better. Mine had too much cloud in the area when I grabbed the shot.

This picture graced the top of the article on Ars Technica about how members of their staff traveled to see it.

Baily's Beads are visible in this shot taken in Athens, Texas. Image credit to Stephen Clark.


  1. We were at about 25% obscured here in the PNW. Still made the sunlight look "watery" for want of a better term. Absolutely fascinating. EdC

  2. Yeah, it seems it is just a moving moon shadow on the ground. Maybe some astrological relevance if thats your thing, due to an alignment or something, not sure though what, my wife is into that stuff.
    The sunlight changed got a kind of warmer hue to it, wild how still it got when reaching full eclipse.
    Riled up the flock of crows live near our home, in fact because it was eery calm, we could hear other flocks cawing off in the distance, they sounded somehow upset or distraught near time of full eclipse.

  3. Got out a couple #11 welding filters, gold coated type, provides more natural colors, we could see really excellent detail thru them, highly entertaining, a wonder of nature for sure.


  5. Overcast where I live (north of SLC), worked on assembling the roof of my gazebo. Got darker and cooler, then brightened up. Meh. Not my first rodeo.