Saturday, May 28, 2011

How to Oppose the BATFE Long Gun Sales Proposal

No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money has put up a web page that will allow you to send a form letter to oppose the BATFE requirement that any sale of more than 2 rifles of "22 caliber or larger which use an external magazine" within 5 business days be subject to additional restrictions. 

While I think that a personally written letter has more impact, to quote the saying about automatic fire weapons, "quantity has a quality all of its own". 

My original post on this was missing the important detail of how to comment, so there it is.  Even better, it's an easy to fill out online form, so go do it, and get the word out to all your 2A friends and acquaintances.  Let's letter bomb these mofos. 


  1. Did one for me and one for the missus. Or are we "astroturfing" this with multiple entries?

  2. It's only astroturfing if you use multiple false identities.

    One could watch all the episodes of the Simpsons in the early days, when Bart would call the bar and have Moe call out for a madeup name and use those names. "Seymour Butts" or "Amanda Huggenkiss" come to mind.

  3. Actually, I was being facetious about the usual liberal method. I can't imagine multiple entries would work unless I were to run down to the library and post a few from their computers, but I'm not computer savvy.

    So, the military/government agencies are astro-turfing, since they have apparently purchased software that allows them to create numerous false identities with fake names, histories, and various personal details to flesh the identities out. Oh, sorry. That's for the Kinetic Action Against Man-Made Disasters. Move On (.org), nothing to see here.