Monday, May 23, 2011

"This Is Freakin' Awesome!!!"

QoTD yesterday, from my number one shooting buddy, Mrs. Graybeard, on shooting her M1 Garand for the first time. 

Just getting a feel for them, loading the en-bloc clip, loading the clip into the rifle, working it for the first time, shooting it for the first time.  Getting a feel for how the sights work at 25 yards.  The whole experience. 
This is her first 8 round clip.  When you discount that one through the Caldwell logo (pushed a little more by the .30-06 then expected), all of them within 3" and progessing toward the center. 

And my first two clips.  Trying to see where the post lines up on the target, and refining POA. 

I'll call it benchrest shooting because of the front support we have for the gun.  No use of a sling, standing sitting or prone.  Sitting on something chair-like.  But not those fancy benchrests that immobilize the gun  The gun is capable of moving, so it's more like leaning the barrel on a tree branch.  One of these - doesn't clamp on, just a better thing to lean on than your arm. 


  1. It is so rewarding to hear of ladies thoroughly enjoying themselves with a firearm. Especially when they get into the serious stuff like your Garands. Good job, SG.

  2. Aye, it is freakin' awesome!

    And that's some darn good shooting as well. Congratulations to the both of you.

  3. Although she points out that I do influence her (as she influences me - inevitable after many years of marriage and many trials together) she was pretty much like this when I found her. Techno-geeky, fiercely independent, always willing to try something tough or up for a challenge.

    Thanks is probably the best answer.