Friday, May 6, 2011

OK, This Is Seriously Cool

A fully automatic 12 ga. made of Want.

I think Eric Holder just wet himself.

(Probably ought to give a language warning for a few f-bombs.)

Dmitri is a Professional Russian who likes to demonstrate various weapons on You Tube. 
"Professional Russian"?  They pay for that?  A commenter on the BigGeekDaddy website says this is actually an American gun and backs it up.

Edit 2056 right after posting.  The embedded video didn't work, so I switched to a URL link to YouTube. 


  1. Have you seen (or experienced) the concentrated awesome* of the Saiga 12 shotgun? I hear that they've become hard to get in the past few years, and it understandable. A 12 gauge AK-47... That pegs the coolness meter and then breaks the needle completely off!

    (I have a Sagia in .308 that I converted back to pistol grip config, that's how I found out about the existence of the shotties).

    *scroll down to the last photo on that page for some belt-fed 12 gauge sweetness

  2. I haven't experienced one, just seen the videos.

    What impressed me about the AA-12 is a toss-up between virtually no recoil and the stainless construction. I wouldn't buy into the "never have to clean it" idea, but I live in the saltiest air in North America, and stainless is not a luxury metal around here.

  3. Too bad citizens are denied the ability to purchase one. I know a fellow who is a gun dealer and early owner of a Saiga 12, and he loves it. 12 (and 20, I believe) round drum magazines are available for it, as well as the standard box mags.

  4. I just watched the video again, and its even more impressive the second time! That just may be the ultimate zombie defense weapon!

    I like stainless quite a bit as well, I'll generally choose stainless on handguns when I can. I've never been much on stainless rifles though, right up until last week when I picked up a stainless Rossi 92 in 44 Magnum ('cause I wanted a "bad weather" gun that I didn't have to worry about to much). That one might just change my tastes a bit, its a very nice gun...