Sunday, May 29, 2011

TSA To Oversee High School Prom??

I was just visiting the TSA careers web page, and I didn't see a single item that said you would provide security at high school proms - or, to put a more accurate description on it - not a single thing that said you would pat down high school girls at their prom.  That seems to be the job this month, though.  This is confusing, but apparently Candice Herrera and her sister went to the Capital High School prom and were treated roughly by the security officer at that prom
Candice Herrera said, "She grabbed my breast and grabbed the inner part of my bra and shook it and then picked up the front of my dress to like mid thigh." Herrera said. "She was patting down my bare legs which kind of didn't make sense."
So to ensure rough treatment of high school girls doesn't happen, the Santa Fe school board has hired the TSA to pat down the girls.  
On Friday, the court ordered Santa Fe Public Schools and the security company ASI to provide at least one TSA certified person at the Santa Fe High School prom and the Capital High School graduation.
Oh - the highly professional TSA is being brought in to provide a higher level of ... professionalismWhat could possibly go wrong?  Every single word there is a separate link, and I don't even scratch the surface. 


  1. If you have ever watched that 1966 foreign film called _The King of Hearts_ (Le Roi de Coeur), there is a scene at the end where the inmates of the insane asylum (who had walked out when the gates were left open earlier in the film) walked back _into_ the asylum and shut the gates behind them.

    What is happening in our country right now - as typified by this incident in Santa Fe - makes me feel the same as those inmates. That the people responsible for educating our children cannot see the evil they do is simply beyond belief. That the parents aren't up in arms and demanding the firing/resignation of school administrators who are responsible for this, is beyond belief.

    While I haven't completely given up on the possibility of our country swinging away from this madness, it seems less likely every day, especially as I read of more and more incidents of people accepting the chains which are being placed upon us. I'm trying to conceive of what might lead to a reversal of this horrific state of affairs, but the hammer keeps falling on an empty chamber.

  2. Likewise, while I haven't completely abandoned hope this train wreck can be avoided, the signs we can aren't very good.

    While Baugh (Starve the Monkeys) often seems to have as his main marketing strategy that he should insult his possible market, I think he's far more often right than wrong. Especially in the overall sense that ...the system is too corrupt to save. Instead of trying to save it, hasten the inevitable socio-economic collapse in every way possible while preventing the system from feeding off of your personal resources. borrow a comment from WSRA yesterday.

  3. Yeah, this story had me scratching my head. I know this is a family venue, but all I can say is... WTF? What are people thinking? Are they thinking at all?

  4. What do the positions of school coach, priest and TSA have in common? The kind of ppl who want the jobs might be like this guy:

  5. The really bad part about that story is that this perv isn't the only one at the TSA. Several have been arrested already.

    I'm sure we're all much safer now. (face palm)