Sunday, May 15, 2011

Odds and Ends Round Up - An Occasional Series

While putting off some work I need to get started on, a few things to pass along:

Thanks to a link at Bayou Renaissance Man I've discovered a new blog worth reading, Curmudgeon With a Gun (whose real URL is pretty cool).  He, in turn linked to a place I go on occasion, Bare Naked Islam's story about an anonymous letter going around.  It pledges massive jihad attacks on June 8.   Probably trying to look scary, but, as always, keep armed and be prepared.  It's a long rant, but worth reading just to show what we're dealing with:

Since 2006 we have collected more than 6,236 tonnes of (now dried and finely pulverized) pure fuel rods and Pu derivatives.  With loyal cooperation of many Muslim technicians and truck driver teams we have perfected the ultimate deception. In only four years we have successfully coordinated the exchanged of identically welded and labeled stainless steel canisters containing beach sand of exact weight, for the original RBMK, CANDU, PWR, QUADRISO and BWR waste canisters being delivered to Sellafield, La Hague and Yucca Mountain. The techniques we still employ are derived from an incredible “disappearance” trick purchased from Muslim magic show professionals in Las Vegas in April 2005 and magiclegends online in 2010.  Holy Qur’an 20:[68]

Yeah, right.  All a snack bar - whatever.   Derka derka derka. 

More evidence the European Union is headed for the proverbial "dustbin of history".  Putting borders and passport checks back up.  Next will be currency.

The National Inflation Association has released a video they've been working on for quite a while, The College Conspiracy, currently on top of their video page.  We've chatted here and here about college turning into a bad investment, and some of the financial realities.  They spend much more time and go deeper. They get a neat phrase from Gerald Celente, "degrees in worthlessness" - the "insert-oppressed-minority studies" programs.  And more. 

The flood from the Mississippi are worsening.  The link I posted the other day shows the projected flood at Natchez is getting worse.  It is already the worst flood on record.  Pray for those folks.  It wouldn't hurt to stock a little more food.

Both silver and gold have basically had a net sideways move since we last talked about it.  Up then down then up.  Thursday morning it almost hit my "back up the truck" moment - $30/oz - but it didn't.  I still see this as a tremendous buying opportunity.   A time may be coming when there are two prices for silver; the spot price and what you really pay at any dealer.  Right now, for instance, a US silver eagle is going to set you back about $5 over spot - more than 10%.  The big traders are selling futures and may never actually get silver in hand.  The restrictions on traders appears to be the reason for the market correction.  I can't say strongly enough that I don't think paper trading is good for us 'normal folk'.

For another example, on Apmex's silver coin page, a roll of $5 worth of average condition junk silver dimes will cost you $157.23.  The way I figure it, spot price would be $126.95, so they're getting almost 25% more than spot.  Does this reflect a premium for the coin or condition?  "BU" (brilliant, uncirculated) dimes are more, but their pure random-selection $100 or more bags are closer to spot price.   

I say get silver you can keep your hands on, not paper.   And, as always, the four Bs. 

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