Saturday, July 9, 2011

Fire Eric Holder

I was happy to hear that Representative Alan West, the rising star conservative from South Florida, is calling for Eric Holder's removal as Attorney General of the US. The NRA has a "fire Eric Holder petition" you may want to sign (solicitations for contributions to the NRA-ILA arriving in 3, 2, 1...)

Eric Holder is a disgrace to his office and our country.  Let me count the ways.

Fast and Furious/Gunwalker.  Although this program started under Dubya, the Obamanoids latched onto it as their own.  Expanding the operation to multiple offices of the BATFE, and the DEA, how much do you want to bet that it's government wide and every fiefdom in the DOJ is in on it?  The only explanation for this abomination that makes any sense is as a prelude to the UN treaty on small arms control to show that the Western Hemisphere is awash in American guns - so that they can disarm the population.  Does it extend past Holder?  You bet your butt.  Probably all the way to the oval office.  Perhaps if we send him to Gitmo, or better yet, one of those Saudi rendition facilities and the put him on the barbecue spit, he'll finger the rest.

The largest documented provider of illegal firearms in the western hemisphere is apparently the US Government, not American gun dealers.

The refusal of his DOJ to prosecute racial crimes, unless the victims are "his people". 

His refusal to investigate ACORN, or Planned Parenthood - groups that need investigation.

Refusing to prosecute CAIR and other US groups with ties to Islamic terrorism.

Holder's gang has politicized every aspect of the DOJ down to Freedom of Information Act requests.  "According to documents I have obtained, FOIA requests from liberals or politically connected civil rights groups are often given same day turn-around by the DOJ. But requests from conservatives or Republicans face long delays, if they are fulfilled at all."

Holder's handling of the Christmas 2009 terrorist attack (the underwear bomber) where he singlehandedly decided the bomber deserved the Miranda rights of any American citizen (which he wasn't), went over the heads of every other agency in the  At best it's stupid; at worst it's a raw power grab over the DOD, and the rest of government. 

This blatantly racist, pathetic little man, the least fit to be attorney general in at least a generation, who said "America is a nation of cowards" when it comes to race issues is a disgrace to his office and this great country.  Congress - this man needs to be arrested for malfeasance. 


  1. Holder spoke of Operation Gunrunner back in 2009 (just saw the quote somewhere online yesterday), yet today he claims he knew nothing. He will claim he thought he was asked about "Fast and Furious", not "Gunrunner", or pull a "I mispoke myself" like we older folk heard so often during the Nixon/Watergate debacle. Of course, he has been taking prevarication lessons from Clinton, the _real_ "first black President", so he knows how to define "is".

    How citizens of this country can see the caliber of the people Obama has surrounded himself with and not insist upon a complete change of government, beginning with impeachment and followed by imprisonment, is beyond me.

    In a world where the rule of law still applied, most of the people in this administration would go to prison for the rest of their natural lives. There should be a special hell reserved for those such as Holder who not only swore an oath to defend and support the Constitution, but who are expected to be held to an even stricter, more moral standard of behavior than the average citizen. The head of the Federal law enforcement system, of Justice, who dispenses none and seeks to subvert what little might otherwise exist.

  2. Don't forget his prosecution of Arizona for enforcing immigration laws that his agency wouldn't. And his refusal to defend DOM, even though it is the "law of the land" (the same thing the progessives say about Roe v. Wade).

    Everything that Obama and his cronies - like Holder - touch becomes politicized. There is nothing outside of politics for these people because everything is a "cause", "issue", "crusade", or simply a political lever with which to manipulate one's opponents. There is no higher calling than that of the revolution - or should we just call it "change"?

  3. I need to edit my post: I just read that David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh both want to get the message out that the earlier public information and statements made about Operation Gunrunner do NOT reflect upon the different, and completely illegal, "Fast and Furious" debacle. They don't want folks distracted by this because the media and DOJ will make political hay out of the confusion between the two. Gunrunner was the genesis, but the actual "walking" of guns out of America and into Mexico was a function of Fast and Furious, not Gunrunner.

    Nonetheless, as SG states, Holder must go. This is simply the last straw in a career of the abuse of the authority invested in his position as Attorney General.

  4. I saw the correction you talk about Reg. I have not written a lot about Gunwalker because Mike and David do such a great job that no one can do better. Even the major news organizations, like Fox and CBS, are doing poorly compared to Mike's contacts with ATF.

    And LA, I actually intended to mention the DOMA mess, but forgot somewhere in the process of looking up these links. Didn't remember it until I saw your comment, so thanks for adding that.