Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Miscellany

I've been really bad about pointing out blogroll changes and other administrivia that goes on around here.  So let me do a bit of that now.

First, I have added links to Slogging Toward Liberty, an interesting blog by an interesting guy (known to my regular readers) who profiles himself as "Former LEO, current RN, Rotorcraft rated, Heinleinian non-specialist. A "grouchy old cripple" who "prefers the tempestuous sea of liberty to the calm of despotism."".  Next, most readers know Kerodin from his two blogs Momento Mori and III Percent Patriots where he regularly distills down ideas and events to smaller nuggets than I do.  He says, "This website is the Official home for the III Percent 527 Issue Advocacy Group, dedicated to promoting III values within the political realm. ... We do not claim to speak for the entire III Movement. " 

My Gun Culture was another recent addition, because I value humor.  With the world as it is, we can always use some more humor.

I decided to add a breakout for some other blogs I read from time to time, with the common thread that these are all fellow Florida gun blogs.  These are folks way more widely known than I am; Robb Allen at Sharp as a MarbleGun Free Zone, the political organization pushing for Open Carry in the state, Florida Carry, and Jon Gutmacher, whose book on Florida Gun Law is considered required reading. 

And, although I don't make it as much as I thought I would, I consider this a gun and gun rights blog, too.

I always reciprocal link, and I think I've got links back to sites that link to me.  If I missed it and you want to be included, just let me know.

Finally, is anyone else watching Falling Skies, the post-alien invasion apocalypse show on TNT?  It's on too late for me, since it's over at 11PM eastern and work days start at 6, but we DVR it on Sunday night and watch it... now.  I'm not convinced it's a great show, but it's not a bad show, and how can you go wrong with 6 legged aliens called "Skitters" that communicate by radio telepathy, kidnap kids and put a Puppetmasters-like harness on them to control their every move, and that control giant two-legged kill-bots?  Further, I see they've picked it up for a second season, unlike V, and Jericho, two other shows I started to like.
A "Mech" - the giant kill-bot from Falling Skies. 


  1. FS is on late enough it's not supposed to be a kids show, but kids like it. The big plus for it is the uncomplicated plot.

  2. It's too late for me! That's why we DVRs. The plot is uncomplicated, and the characters are good and seem realistic.

    Two weeks ago, the doctor has a gun shoved in her face and antibiotics are stolen. She's bloodied and traumatized by the event. Soon, one of the girls who is regularly on patrol gives her a handgun. By the end of the show, she gets over her, "I don't like guns" attitude and shoots it. The actress really nailed the newbie shooter's smile! You could see the confidence grow in her.

    I'm pleased to see a show where the good guys are armed all the time, and the guns are viewed as their best chance against the overpowering bad guys.

  3. Falling Skies also has Spielberg behind the project, something V and Jericho didn't have; a big name to keep it afloat if it wasn't successful right off the bat.

    Heavens I miss Jericho. It was really getting good when they canceled it. Although, it did make me giggle to see fat characters staying fat during lean times and hard labor.


  4. Jericho was fun, and I highly recommend anyone who hasn't seen it and who is even a little curious should get the episodes off Hulu or somewhere and watch it.

    The series ending was disappointing, when the terrorists turned out to be middle-aged, American, white businessmen, just like the last years of 24 and every other show, but it was well-written and pretty good. Being a ham, I got a kick out of the spoiler "easter eggs" they'd send in Morse code at the start of every episode.