Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Little AR-Foolery

If the AR-15 is Barbie for Men, then half the fun is changing Barbie's outfit.  

First step was I decided to dress up my home built AR by replacing the plastic standard foregrip with a quad rail.  Found a reasonable seller on eBay.  Next a pair of Rapid Transition Sights, from another seller.  It's my understanding Rapid Transition Sights come from the 3-gun world, where they were developed to help competitors engage targets at different distances.  The end result looks like this:

The idea is that I can use my scope for distance work and rotate onto the RT Sights, which are just iron sights, for distances more friendly to old man eyes. This should cover me from a few feet out to a few hundred yards.

Sadly, the anti-gun loonies rants about ARs are correct.  They are blood thirsty.  This one demanded a few drops before the task could be completed.
My left middle finger.  Doesn't look good for guitar practice tonight. 

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  1. Well, as Erin pointed out, "it is impossible to spell 'Barbie' without 'AR'."