Monday, June 22, 2015

It Really Is Religion

When Pope Francis released his encyclical that included strict-global warming doctrine the other day, the talk was about how it was all about reasoned discourse.  On the Sunday talk shows, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington explained:
[Pope Francis is] saying, "Why don't we all discuss this? Why don't we all come to the table, and before we start eliminating other people from the discussion -- before denouncing them or even ridiculing them -- why don't we listen to them and see what they're saying and see where we really ought to be going as a human family?"
Except that statement doesn't appear to be true.  It seems that "eliminating other people from the discussion" is exactly what they're doing.  French climate change skeptic Philippe de Larminat says he was denied a spot at April's summit sponsored by the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences. 
De Larminat has written a book arguing that the sun, and not human activity, is the primary cause of climate change

"They did not want to hear an off note," de Larminat told the paper.
Doesn't quite agree with the Cardinal's talking points, does it?  It's more like this:
(Chip Bok at 

It looks to me like good old Latin American Liberation Theology, think Jeremiah Wright, is mainstream in the Catholic Church these days. 


  1. I believe the pope is part of those who have their hands out and are using the AGW scam to enrich themselves and/or their interests. In some ways this is almost a perfect scam; the scientists willingly prostitute themselves for grant money and promotions, the politicians see this as a problem that must be fixed with higher taxes and more government control, all the small/poor and not so small/poor nations see this as a permenant gravy train and the rest of those on the left simply see it as a good opportunity to defeat the conservatives. The clinker in the plan is this pesky 19 year halt in global warming. NASA and others have decided that overtly changing historical temperature and weather data is the way to fool everyone into thinking global warming never paused. The media which has always been in the pocket of the left refuses to report anything that seems to refute the AGW theory. And no matter what the weather it is blamed on global warming. Drought in Texas; global warming. Drought ends and Texs gets flooded; global warming. No matter what the weather anomoly; global warming. Hold onto your wallets and your constitution I think we are going to lose this one...

  2. I don't know a darn thing about how the RC Church works these days, but is it possible that this pope is able to use the Vatican as a personal bully pulpit? Would he be able to over-rule more reasoned members of the Church hierarchy, and promote AGW on his own, or would it require the collusion of most of the rest of the Vatican administration? It's obvious the man isn't very bright and may simply be an "empty-chair" figurehead. He wouldn't be the first.

    Doesn't make much difference either way, perhaps, but I'm curious. Based on his willingness to play nice with the muslims who are killing Christians all through the Middle East (not so many Catholics, though?), he certainly has no backbone.

  3. So, the Fabians have not only infiltrated the Democrats, but the Vatican, as well?
    I wonder if excommunication is next for deniers?


  4. Og has a good piece up about the pope over at Neanderpundit. Basically, he's saying the guy's a hoplophobe and an a**hole, but he isn't the church. The church is the people. The church will survive him because they have survived a**hole popes before and will have one again.

    Which is an optimistic view.

    It seems logical that a Latin American priest who grew up hearing socialist liberation theology that's endemic down there would end up thinking that way. He gets a few things right, like abortion, but by and large is the typical liberation theology ideologue.

    Disclaimer: I'm not Catholic, although close friends are. I'm very ignorant of their teachings.