Saturday, June 20, 2015

Noted in Passing

The FDA has decided to ban trans- fats, marking the first time our Federal Government has regulated trans- anything.

Trans fats entered the diet in significant quantities in the early 20th century as food chemists searched for a cheaper way to make a solid fat.  Crisco was the first and eventually quintessential imitation food.  There wasn't much trans fat in the diet until the professional alarmists at the Center for Science in the Public Interest pushed them as a replacement for those evil ol' debbils butter and lard.  Now the same people are pushing to get them out of the food supply because, well, they screwed up.  To me, the lesson here is to always demand higher levels of proof before we jump to regulate.  But they've shown over and over again they don't.  (EPA, cough, cough).

The Treasury Department has said, "Hey, we need to put a woman on the $10 bill!".  As opposed to "We need to re-design the $10 bill to put in more security features.  Who's a prominent woman that deserves to be that widely circulated?", which makes more sense to a Future Dead White Male (FDWM) like me.  I sure don't mind a woman on the ten, but I think the change should be made because they're changing it anyway, which isn't the way they come across.   Since they're not serious, I'm not serious.  I recommend Charo.

There aren't many advantages to being an old FDWM, but I do know that if I get recognized or praised for anything, it's not going to be on my looks.


  1. Betsy Ross.

    If they start using contemporary females, it will all go to hell. Shrews such as Shrillary, Fauxcahauntas, Moochelle, and Rachel the Sleazal will adorn all denominations before long.

  2. The best idea I've heard is Ayn Rand.

    She was an immigrant, she worked in Hollywood and her life style was something of a scandal at the time - look that up for yourself. Also, the Libertarians and conservatives would love it.

  3. Anon - I think I read that over at Roberta X. I wasn't being serious - I mean, I said it right there in the text.

  4. There is zero evidence that transfats harm humans. There is a theory and there is a technique using assumptions and statistics to "claim" that transfats cause deaths, but there is zero proof. I predict the only tangible results from this ban will be food will become more expensive and most importantly less tasty/appetizing. No lives will be saved and the general health of Americans will remain the same.

    A woman on a $10 bill??? I feel the same way about this issue as I do about renaming streets for Martin Luther King. It is purely symbolic, costs money, offends people (if a street is renamed and the citizens liked the old name then they are offended). How about a NEW bill denomination? Thanks to Obama the current largest denomination ($100) isn't adequate we now need a $200 or $500 bill thanks to inflation. So lets create a $500 "inflation" bill and put Janice Yellen's picture on it.

  5. You mean the FDA is banning non-fat organic compounds that self-identify as fats? How bigoted!