Sunday, October 4, 2015

Epic Take Down

Divemedic on Confessions of a Street Pharmacist recounts the story of an argument with gun grabber who first trots out the old "guns should be regulated like cars" line and when that gets destroyed for the crap it is, tries the old "we'll have to agree to disagree" line.  As always, I'll include a teaser here to get you to read the whole thing.
When someone says that to me, it comes across as some smarmy, superior attitude that basically says "I am smarter than you, and I am your better, but since you, with your obviously inferior intellect, cannot see reason and agree with me, I will simply smile at you, and tell you that you have a right to your opinion, you simpleton."
An Epic take down of the stupid little idiot.  

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  1. The Democrats/socialist/communists MUST outlaw guns. You cannot have a successful Marxist socialist revolution when the citizens have guns.