Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I'd Say A London Style Attack is Coming Here

But the fact is that "lone wolf" or "self-radicalizing" jihadi attacks are already here in the US. 

What else was San Bernardino?   Ohio State?  

The Ohio State attack followed a pattern that's becoming all too familiar; and the same pattern was in today's attack on Parliament in London.  The attacker drove a nondescript car into crowds and then came out slashing.  Nothing unusual, like the trucks used in Nice on Bastille Day; or the Christmas market in Berlin; just a plain old SUV.  It doesn't require tactical ninja training, access to a weapons cache, organizational skills or anything beyond the ability to drive and desire to die for Allah. 

It's jihad for dummies.  ISIS is proud of it.
Chances are none of us will be in an attack, no matter where we live.  On the other hand, the chances aren't very good any one of us will ever win the lotto or get hit by lightning, but someone wins the lotto pretty much every week, and that's less likely than getting hit by lightning. 

I don't have any great words of wisdom here, certainly nothing that you haven't heard before.  Stay alert.  Stay armed; and if you can't lift your hand and retrieve a gun RFN you aren't.  Consider carrying a little more capacity.  Practice.  Put in a little extra time at longer distances.  It's not all preparing for someone within 3 yards who wants to grab your stuff and get away.  Someone wanting to die isn't going to stop until you help them achieve that goal.


  1. It's older then Ohio, SiG. 2006 University of North Carolina SUV attack.

    1. Right! Forgot that one. I'm sure there's a bunch I've forgotten.

  2. I'll be so glad to be OUT of SoCal in just a few months!

  3. Most outdoor ranges won't let you shoot handguns on the 100yd rifle range. But one of the local ones has a 40 yd tin-can range. Bouncing a small (steel) juice can with a snubbie is rewarding, and I figure if jihadi guy is standing with a rifle, I can do a head hit at that range, and probably farther.
    I'm also planning on bailing out of CA. The sheep here hate sheepdogs. Screw 'em.

    1. That's a good idea.

      I can't think of a spot in my club where that's allowed - like you say.

      It might be the kind of thing you could practice in your backyard with one of the high-end pellet guns that look and feel as much like your carry gun as you can get. If you shoot a semiauto, get something that has gas blowback so that it feels more like you'll really get.

      Good luck on getting out of Cali.

  4. For those of you leaving Californica, consider the better gun laws in places like Wyoming and Montana. I was able to afford a twenty acre parcel where I have set up targets at 50, 100, and 200 yards (plus three close-in stands I can shoot from 25 yards down to point blank), and I got it for $185k. The closest public range (Hamilton, MT) does allow you to shoot a pistol on a 300 yard range they have (their pistol-only ranges are only 25 yards or less, IIRC). I routinely practice at 50 and 100 yards with my pistols, except for my snubbies, which I can't seem to hit accurately with beyond 25 yards. Old eyes and presbyopia.

    I can't remember where I read it, but I recall something about using a scaled-down target when sighting in an AR-15. I imagine it might work with pistols/revolvers as well. Also, a while back I bought two Advantage Arms .22 LR conversion kits, one for my G30 and one for my wife's G23, for cheap practice with our carry guns. They work well and are fun to use for various drills - without breaking the bank. (Yes, we do follow that up with practice with our full-house carry loads, as well.)